Mama Moment #3: Naked Baby Time

Liam loves bath time. LIVES for bath time. (Also known as "Naked Baby Time" in our house.)

When we're done eating dinner on bath night, we run into his bedroom, and he strips off his clothes and diaper (yes, we know how to do that now). 

I set him on the ground and he takes off RUNNING his little naked butt down the hallway as fast as his little legs will take him.

It is THE.CUTEST.THING.EVER. Ever, ever, ever. 
He wheels around the corner and stands in front of the tub chanting, "Bath, bath, bath."

His little butt running down the hall is seriously the cutest, and I never want to forget it.
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Gone Are the Days

There's so much we're unprepared for when we become parents. Life changes in ways you knew it would. (Yay for functioning on 3 hours of sleep!) But it also changes in ways you had no idea. (Thanks for the head's up that teething lasts for literally 2 years.)

When you become a parent, gone are the days of....

  • Happy hour without confirming with your significant other that he's good with the kids
  • A full night of sleep without waking up to a cry, or to make sure your child is breathing
  • Taking a trip without considering if there are kid-friendly activities
  • Feeling like you are doing everything right
  • Date nights on a whim
  • Standing in place without swaying
  • Unexpected Sunday Fundays
  • Putting yourself first
  • Buying groceries without contemplating organic or pre-cut vs not...or if you're a bad mom for buying processed muffins.
  • Partying without consequence
  • Getting ready alone, leisurely, all
  • Looking at a coffee table without seeing sharp edges to poke your child's eye out, or seeing the sidewalk as a death-trap waiting to make your child bleed and cry.
  • Sleeping in
  • Going to the bathroom alone
  • Basking in silence, because now it means you're up to no good.

These are the days of:

  • Constantly asking, "Is that a good choice?"
  • Teething
  • Ear infections
  • Stomach viruses
  • Sleep battles
  • Questioning your every decision
  • Endless debates:
    • To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?
    • Public school or private school?
    • Breastfeeding or formula?
  • Planning around naps
  • A constant mind f**k where one day, parenting seems easy and you're ready for 10 more kids. And the next minute, you wonder why you even had the one.
  • Counting down to bedtime
  • Feeling overwhelmed - with feelings, thoughts, to-dos, and things
    • Counting to three
    • Timeouts
    • Parenting hungover
    • Going out to dinner at 5:30pm
    • Feeling guilty when you do something for yourself
    • Constantly picking up toys
    • Endless worry about your children's health, future and character that I can't contain my fears what life will be like for them

    These are the days. We're in them. Living them. Right now.

    But these days you're in now? They will be gone, too. 

    Someday, your kids will be calling you for money instead of calling you 1,000 times on their fake cell phones.
    Someday, they will recoil at your touch instead of being able to fit their whole body in your lap.
    Someday, your kids are going to have bigger problems than teething and infections.
    Someday, your kids are going to hate you. They won't remember that TODAY, they loved you more than anything.
    Someday, your kids are going to grow up. They will never need you again the way they do now.
    Someday, your home will be void of children and it will just be and your significant other. You will be able to go to dinner together every night of the week, and get drunk at your leisure, and sleep in when it suits you.

    And when you think back on the chaos of what it means to have children of all ages running a muck in your home, saying "Mom," no less than 1,000,000 times in a day, asking you hundreds of questions and mostly just driving you crazy (and then driving you to drink), you'll think, "Man. Those were the days."

    These are the days to remember.
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    Rodan + Fields Giveaway Monday!

    Mondays are always tough, especially coming off of a fun weekend. My in-laws were here, so we went to the zoo, went out for some yummy meals and spent lots of time outside so Liam could run around. Bryan and I also managed to sneak in a date night for a surprise birthday party for a friend!

    Let's make today a little better with a Rodan + Fields giveaway, shall we?

    Two of my favorite products are the Multi-Function Eye Cream ($60 value) and our Micro-Dermabrasion Paste ($78). There will be two winners - one winner for each product. Both products are amazing on their own or will enhance any skincare routine! (Even if it's not Rodan + Fields!)

    Our eye cream is dubbed eye crack, it's that good. It's a great all-around eye cream that utilizes peptides to visibly reduce the appearance of crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness, and noticeably brightens your eye area with optical filters that reflect light. It's one of our most popular products, and one jar often lasts approximately 6 months, if not more!
    Here's a skin tip: Exfoliation is the key to great skin. Why? Because:

    • Oil free exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells.
    • It enhances cell turnover and improves skin tone and texture.
    • It boosts collagen production to smooth away wrinkles, lines, and blemishes.

    Our MD Paste is an oil-free sugar and salt scrub packed with Vitamins C & E. Your skin will feel so soft and be noticeably brighter after just one use. It works with several of our products for a nice "mini regimen," or is great on its own. It can be used for face, body, feet and it lasts FOREVER! Mine lasts me 7 months, and I use it 2-3 times a week.

    There are three ways to enter - do all three, and you'll get entered three times! There is no purchase necessary to win.

    To enter:
    1. Find out which regimen is right for you with this 30-second perSKINality quiz and email yourself the results. (1 entry)
    2. Take the skin quiz, and tell me your results in the comments below. (3 entries)
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    Winners will be announced this Thursday, April 28, and is open to new and existing customers. 

    Good luck!
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