Playing catch-up πŸ‘€

Well, it’s October, and I feel like I can finally breathe again after a crazy summer.

We have been busy traveling, for one. We went to Michigan and Seattle at the beginning of September for family trips. Then I went to Nashville for our annual Rodan + Fields Convention. And while I was there, Bryan found out he won tickets to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE through their lottery, and the tickets were for MY BIRTHDAY, so you bet your ass that we flew to New York to see that! (Whole separate post coming about that because it was just...incredible.) Then last weekend was Connor’s SECOND BIRTHDAY (hey, make sure to read the update on the first three months of his life, since that’s as far as I got in the past 24 months πŸ˜‚.) And now we’re HERE! Beginning, almost mid-freaking October somehow.

Also in September, I started a new job. I began my job hunt at the end of July, and wouldn’t you know, at the beginning of August, I was let go from my job. I worked at my last agency for almost 4 years. I sensed something was going on and definitely felt like layoffs were probably on the horizon (hence part of the reason I had started looking around). While I thought I could potentially be affected by such an event due to the team I was on and the position I held, there is always that part of you that thinks, "No way. I'm way too valuable..."

Needless to say, when it happened, I was shocked that it was actually happening, but also not really. And no matter how "prepared" you are for a layoff, I don't think anyone can actually be prepared. This is the second time in my career that my job has been affected by a layoff/restructure, and the 4th time I've experienced on at my organization. Each time has been harder than that last.

Aside from the ego blow, the hardest part for me is leaving my co-workers. At every job, I’ve been so fortunate to work with such awesome people, and I’ve collected small groups of best friends at each company. Blue Chip was no different, and actually, many of co-workers from previous jobs all came to work at Blue Chip, so I got the awesome chance to work with them again! The people were what kept me there for so long, and I hated saying goodbye.

In any case - I have a new job at a new agency, that is focused not only on digital products, but also on CONTENT, which as you know, is what I do and love. So far, I’m really enjoying it, although it sucks to be the new girl and I’m ready to make some friends.

And you know, there are worse times to be laid off than summer! I was able to have about 6 weeks off, which, when you think about how long it takes to find work, is actually a pretty quick turnaround!

In the first few weeks, I was heads down applying for jobs. Everyone kept telling me to "enjoy" my time off, and I tried, but at the beginning, I was just super anxious about money and what would happen after my severance ran out. I felt guilty if I didn't spend all day most days applying for work or connecting with people. Eventually, I was able to add in some activities and once I started getting some interviews, it was much easier to relax. I made a "bucket list" and was able to do almost everything on it! I went on a field trip with Liam and we had a "date day" where I picked him up from school early and we went bowling and saw a movie. I went to movies by myself. Bryan and I went to a Cubs game. I got a lot of house projects done. I had lunch and happy hours with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. I went to Target. ALONE. I saw all my doctors (dentists, eye, derm, etc). So it was actually a great period to refresh and recharge, and honestly, I could have done about 4 more weeks, lol. The ONE thing on my bucket list I didn't do is migrate this blog to a different platform, but my goal for that is by the end of the year. It just involves deleting a bunch of old content that's stupid.

Anyhoo—just wanted to catch up quickly. I owe a post about Saturday Night Life and have a couple of other things heavy on my heart to talk through at some point, too.

Before I go, I also wanted to say that I so appreciate all of the love and support I got from ya'll on my last blog post. I can't tell you how humbling and heartwarming it is to hear you all tell me that you love my writing, even if what I'm saying is not that important. So thank you.


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