Whipped Cream & Lies: 37 Thoughts on The Bachelor

Dear ABC,

All I want is for an episode of The Bachelor to end with a rose ceremony. Just ONE episode. Please?All of this TO BE CONTINUED is really screwing my emotional intelligence.

In the words of Corrine, "#SorryNotSorry" but this episode was stupid as fuck. It just was. I have so many things to say, I'm not quite sure where to start. I made a list, and it shall qualify as my recap:

  1. Corrine and Taylor at the beginning. So, just so we all remember, Corrine started that conversation, didn't respond to Taylor as she repeated "Emotional Intelligence" over and over again, so that Taylor actually DID sound like the condescending biatch that Corrine accusing her of being. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Next thing I knew, Corrine was in Nick's arm, accusing TAYLOR of being a bully. What just happened?
  2. Taylor's fate has been sealed, because now that Corrine as put the "bully" idea in Nick's head, no matter what she says to defend herself or what she says about Corrine...she seems like a bully. Well played, Corrine. 
  3. Corinne is drunk AF at all times, right?
  4. How fucking cold is it in Wisconsin right now?
  5. WHO IS WHITNEY?! Someone may or may not have given me a spoiler that she makes it to hometowns, and I literally have no clue who she is?!
  6. Why is Josephine still here? She always seems as surprised as we are. 
  7. Bye bye, Sarah and Astrid. Hello, NOLA!
  8. I love Rachel, and not just because we have the same name.
  9. I could have done without Nick making love to the beignet. 
  10. I could have also done without the beignet puns.
  11. Rachel is way too good for Nick.
  12. So, I guess Rachel is getting a hometown date? She gets the rose.
  13. Group date card arrives : everyone except Taylor and Corrine are going. #DUH
  14. Are we really going to have a group date on a plantation and not mention slavery??? #thatsfuckedup
  15. Then they make it seem like Jasmine is the one provoking the little white girl ghost? #thatsfuckeduptoo
  16. This date sucks, I'm bored.
  17. Why do the girls think that this little 8-year-old ghost gives a fuck about who is going to get the group date ghost?
  18. I don't appreciate the Beauty & the Beast and Quantico propaganda. Each of these have their own platform and The Bachelor is not it. STAY OFF MY MINDLESS CRAP TV!
  20. There are so many cool things The Bachelor could have done
  21. Back at the house, Corrine and Taylor have a quick therapy session with Rachel, who clearly doesn't give AF. Why would she? She's got 7 years on these baby dolls, and she's got a hometown date.
  22. What is this with Corrine's room service order? The last supper?
  23. This two-on-one is the epitome of Nick taking two swamp monsters back to their natural habitat.
  24. Was that a human spine?
  25. Baffled again. Swamps, tarot cards and "voodoo"? Really, Bachelor?
  26. First of all, tarot and voodoo are not related.
  27. Second of all, some people, like me, actually believe in and find value in such things as spirits and tarot. This whole episode trivializes things that should not be trivialized.
  28. Bad move on Taylor's part to let Corinne get the first alone time with Nick.
  29. Did you guys know Taylor's a water sign? #whocares
  30. Corrine swatting the bugs is everything.
  31. Nick thinks with his dick.
  32. Nick immediately asks Taylor about said bullying. Now, anything bad Taylor says about Corrine supports the bully theory. SEE? That bitch is good.
  33. Bye, Taylor.
  34. Why?
  35. I was waiting for Taylor to trip in the woods on her way to get purified, or whatever that was, and then a cut to Corinne's voodoo doll. That was a MISS, ABC.
  36. Taylor should have just gone home.
  37. To be con-fucking-tinued. AGAIN.

Top 4: I'm starting to get confused. I have no idea at this point:

4. Corinne
3. Rachel
2. Danielle L.
1. Vanessa


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