Final Thoughts on The Final Rose

At long last, this season of The Bachelor has finally come to end. We laughed, we cried, we cringed and at the end, we threw things at the television, because as my mother so eloquently put it:

I think we all knew that Ben was going to choose Lauren, but we didn't want to believe it. And I will say, a part of me watching him with JoJo thought that maybe, just MAYBE he would do the right thing and choose her.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. When we left off, Ben had dropped the L bomb—to both of his leading ladies. This week, he wasn't shy with continuing to say "I love you"—again, to BOTH ladies.

Even Ben's mother was disturbed that her son was in love with two people. In fact, as we find out, the only person who didn't seem to be disturbed by this fact is Ben's new fiance, Lauren. Again, I'm ahead of myself.

But look, Ben chose his lady, Lauren and JoJo is our next Bachelorette.

(Thank God. I wouldn't have watched if it was Caila.)


**JoJo might as well have considered herself done when she showed up with a shell as a gift...especially after Lauren had just showered his parents with wine and gorgeous flowers.

**Ben's parents claim Lauren is "polished." I beg to differ, especially when she declares such things as, "Getting married is a big commitment to me. Like, BIG." Similar to her later declaration that was akin to, ""If tonight was my last night with Ben I don't know what I'd do." DEEP.

**I wonder how Lauren feels knowing that Ben's parents were more Team JoJo? I also wonder if JoJo told them that her mom would chug champagne with them straight from the bottle at the wedding?

**The After the Final Rose was bullshit for more than one reason:

  1. Showing both families backstage kind of spoiled the show, did it not? For one thing, JoJo's brothers weren't there, and I interpreted that as "they don't want to kick Ben's ass on TV." Plus, her family didn't look as happy as Lauren's did...I don't know, maybe I read into that.
  2. JoJo and Ben's interaction also made it REALLY clear that she was going to be the next Bachelorette. She was way too nice and positive, which she had to be. We can't have our new Bachelorette crying about her breakup right before she has 25 men go after her, right?
  3. The pastor....just...what??

**Shame on Ben for letting JoJo pour her heart out, telling her loves her one last time for good measure—and then telling her that basically he just loves someone else a little more.

**JoJo's dress was everything.

**Kudos to JoJo for giving Ben a little of her feisty side with just the right amount of shock and sadness. In that moment, Ben probably felt the Earth shift across America as everyone started to hate him. If he felt unlovable before, I'd love to know how he feels now!

**Did anyone else feel like Lauren looked bored when Ben was professing his love for her? She barely cracked a smile until he was on one knee!

Cheers to being able to see more of JoJo and her mom next season!

What did you guys think of Ben and his choice?


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