Wednesday Wrap-Ups

First things first - no Bachelor blog this week. I'm sorry, I couldn't find the time, or the motivation and as such, it's not Wednesday night and I feel like no one cares anymore.

Instead of a full post, I'll include my thoughts, as well as some other areas that I've failed to follow-up on, here. Happy Hump Day.

The Bachelor: Thoughts
So, overall I found this episode to be kind of a bore. Let's be honest: it always kind of dies down drama-wise at this point in the season, and now that Olivia is gone - The Bachelor is just a little less interesting.

Some thoughts:

-Why did Ben and Lauren B. wear the same leather jacket on their 1-1?
-What is this "Mega Church" Ben speaks of? Why is it the same size as his high school?
-Was that kid who started crying a plant? How did all those parents sign release forms?
-Olivia is shuddering in her Bachelor grave when Emily questions if "The Windy City" is in Warsaw. Clearly, she ain't talking smart things.
-This is now the second time Becca has been ditched in a barn
-There is a way to product placements, endorsements and sponsorships. A date working the drive-thru at McDonald's is not one of them.
-7 weeks in and I STILL can't stand the sound of Amanda's voice.
-Ben clearly took Emily to meet his parents so he'd have the excuse of "My mom said no" when dumping Emily
-Emily is dumb. Really, really dumb. Telling your wannabe-future-MIL that you think you'd be an "above average Mom and wife" is not REALLY selling point.
-Bye, Becca! There's always next season!

21 Day Fix: Results
I finished my 21 Day Fix and am already on Round 2, I loved it so much! My final results were a loss of 8lbs and 13 inches! I still want to lose another 8-10lbs, so here I go again. It feels really natural to be doing this again, actually. The planning is easier, I want to keep eating this way. My challenges so far have been getting back to the workouts. I'm only on Day 3 though, so I've not wasted too much time.

If you're interested in signing up for any of the Beachbody program, let me know! I've signed up 3 friends so far! Results motivate not only yourself, but others, too!

Happy Hump Day!


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