Bachelor Recap: JoJo's Tacos {Cringe} + The Worst McDonald's Commercial Ever

There's too much to say this week, so let's cut to the chase and hit the highlights:

Amanda - I'm sure she is a sweet gal and a good mom, but I just can't with her high baby voice. Her pitch, coupled with how frequently she says"like" in a sentence really prevent me from putting her very high on my "favorites" list. However, I do think she seems well liked by the other girls, and I think Ben is into her. I'm fairly certain we like,  have to listen to her voice for at least a few more episodes. Side note: NO ONE WAKES UP LIKE THAT!

Ben's method of holding a champagne glass: Just no.

Jubilee - Pretty sure Jubilee did not know exactly what she was signing up for with The Bachelor. She's been salty since their one-on-one date, mostly because Ben is dating other women. She's bitchy to Ben (though I think she thinks she's being funny??), isolates herself from the women, is the only one not getting along with her cooking partner (the ever-likeable Lauren B.) We get it, Jubilee, you are not as "simple" as the other girls, and you also don't have blonde hair and white skin. I think Ben really liked her but when he saw that she was so insecure, rude and doesn't play well with others, he didn't have much of a choice to say buh-bye. The interwebs seem enraged by this choice, but I get it.

JoJo's taco: Your taco brings all the boys to the yard, JoJo. We got it. Your taco tastes amazing, Ben will love your taco, you've had no complaints about your taco. We are all laughing like the children we are, well done. (Also, her doppelgänger is Isla Fisher.)

Olivia - Oh, Olivia. She never disappoints, does she? Does she not get that the likelihood of getting a SECOND one-on-one date before other girls have even had a chance to have their first conversation (ahem, Jennifer & Leah) is just not happening? When Amanda gets the one-on-one, she says she doesn't think Amanda is what Ben's looking for. I've got news for you, Olivia, I'm pretty sure that Ben is also not looking for an insecure, self-absorbed, bad-breathed biotch who has to constantly be in the spotlight! Later, she tells Amanda she feels like she's in an episode of Teen Mom. So...pretty much, Olivia thinks that women with children are dramatic and damaged goods. I will say this about Olivia. While she definitely has a big chunk of crazy in her DNA, I also think Olivia is an easy target for the producers to bait. But don't forget guys, Olivia can feel the “electricitay.” Cool.

Cheating: Was it a requirement for this seasons ladies?

Fashion show/Lauren H.: I can't decide how I feel about Lauren H. She's had comedic moments, but mostly I think she's a bit dull. (She did win when she was woken up at 430am with her retainer and crazy hair.) I know nothing about fashion, let alone Mexican fashion, but I have no idea why Lauren is so amped about going to this fashion show! As if she's ever heard of this designer. And her worry about standing out among models? Don't worry, sweetheart, pretty sure Ben is only contractually obligated to be interested in you. I did like the wink Ben gave her walking down the runway. Honestly, I think my distaste for Lauren hasn't gone away from a couple of weeks ago when she said Ben needed to marry a soccer mom. (Seriously, what is with this women?)

McDonalds Commercial: I can't be the only one thinking "WHAT THE FUCK" duing that disaster of a commercial featuring former Bachelor couples. Not lovin' it, McDs. Not at all.

The twin: (Who is still labeled as, "Twin") I am not into the twins...have never been into the twins. Nor have I been into the TWIN. But, I did appreciate her humor tonight. She had a lot of one-liners that made me chuckle, and she sealed her fate for the season "snitching" on Olivia. I do wish she hadn't done the ugly cry during that whole thing, though. Also - she looks like a different person with no makeup.

To be continued:
Isn't ever episode to be continued? There's no way he's taking back Olivia's rose.

New top 4:
1. Lauren B. (She can see a LIFE LIFE with Ben, guys!)
2. JoJo
3. Amanda
4. Caila


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