Why I Said 'Yes' to Rodan + Fields

Happy Friday, everyone! First of all, thanks to my faithful readers for bearing with me the past few weeks as my blogs have slowed to a near halt. I've got so much going on at work that most days, I get home from work, spend time with Liam before he goes to bed, then hop back on the computer to do more work. I'm nearing the end of a massive project though, so I hope this lets up soon and I can have more time outside of work for ME!

Speaking of work - I shared at the beginning of the year that I made the decision to start my own business as a consultant for Rodan + Fields! I'm starting a skincare series, called Love the Skin You're In, in which I focus on the business, skin care issues, results...whatever comes up! My goal is not to sell you something. Just to educate you.

First, a little background on why I joined the company.

I started using Rodan  + Fields products as a Preferred Customer a couple of years ago to support my sister when she started as a consultant. I loved the products and the flexibility of being a preferred customer. Last year, while pregnant with her second baby, my sister was laid off. She was too far along in her pregnancy to have it make sense to look for a new job at that point, so she decided to wait until after the baby was born. In those months, she decided to really pursue Rodan + Fields and see if she could make it work as a significant source of income, as so many others do.

And then I started to actually see her success. She starting gaining more customers and business partners every day. And all she was doing was sharing with other people how awesome these products are! I started to see more and more people talking about the opportunity within this company, and I started asking questions about how this actually works.

Admittedly, I was skeptical. I didn't love the idea of using my personal social media channels and I was nervous about having to "sell" because I'm not a salesperson, and I had no idea who I would even sell to! Basically, I was scared.

But as I learned about the business model and company, I learned that R+F has less than a 1% return rate for all products, even with their 60-day money back guarantee. It's not being sold everywhere, which means there is so much room for growth, and the # of consultants is not high at all. You don't have inventory, or sales quotas. I could go on and on. But it all tied back to my own experience with the products. I knew that these products were life changing. I knew that they worked. My job would just be to share that with other people.

Plus, the reality is that bills are piling up, debt is not going away fast enough, we're trying to buy a new house this year, and I'd eventually love to be able to spend more time home with Liam and our other children, whenever they may come. So what did I have to lose?

I joined my sister as her Business Partner at the beginning of January. Within just a couple of weeks, I got my first promotion! I am not a salesperson, but it's addicting when you get that first order! 

The team I'm on is amazing and inspiring. There are women in my group who are $10 million achievers. TEN MILLION DOLLARS! There are other women who bring home thousands of dollars every MONTH, regularly. How's that for residual income? Every day I see these women signing business partners and getting "promoted" and sharing ideas on how to be successful and it's so inspiring.  And all I'm doing guys, is taking an hour or two out of each day to share how much I love these products.

This business is not a pyramid scheme. It is not a scam. I am not trying to get something FROM you, I am trying to do something FOR you. Early frustrations I've faced include comments like this from ignorant people, who are seeing things from other direct sales companies that do operate like that. I'm sure people are annoyed with my Facebook posts. I've heard "no" more than yes. A lot of people are put off by the price. (Which I find so interesting, given people's willingness to spend $150 on a pair of jeans or $50 on a mani/pedi. Those are temporary. This is your skin...you have it forever.) But I have seen first-hand that this business is a huge opportunity so I'm running with it! I don't do anything half-ass. If I start something, I will finish it, and damn it, I want results. This will be no different...success is mine for the taking.

I can't wait to tell you more each week, and get you as excited about skincare as I am! 

Have a great weekend friends!

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Bachelor Recap: Olivia's Losing Her Shit

I know, I know - I'm so late in posting! My excuse is I've been battling some kind of virus all week and after I get Liam down for bed, I have enough energy to eat dinner, watch my shows and sleep. BUT, I thought I'd knock this out over lunch today because this week was too good to skip.

Let's get to it! The theme of this week? Olivia's losing shit, ya'll!

The episode opens with Chris H. letting the ladies know that Ben is no longer in California because he has moved on...to Vegas! Can we stop for a second an talk about the fact that some of the ladies actually look like they believe that Ben has just decided that he's changed his mind on the whole "finding love" thing and gone home? And then can we talk about how excited they get when they learn their next destination is VEGAS? Clue #159 that most of the ladies here are age 25 and younger.

Also, why is Chris selling Vegas as the "Marriage Capital of the World?" Pretty sure it's the last place anyone thinks of when they think about a long, stable marriage. ANYWAY, off they go.

I also need to pause for a second (this could be a long one with all these pauses, we're only about 5 minutes into the show) and discuss instances like the marquee message from "Ben." The girls all gush about how cute and sweet it is. They can't really think Ben did that, right? I know it's a produced moment, you know it's a produced moment. Can the girls really not just like, acknowledge that, too? #petpeeve

Date #1 goes to my girl, JoJo! This date felt SUPER skimmed over to me. We basically only saw them get blown away by a helicopter (nice planning, producers), go to dinner and have a boring conversation about trust issues, then watch fireworks over the skyline. They spent as much time showing the girls watching the the date as we did on the date itself. Footage or not, I still love JoJo, still think she's definitely top 4, maybe even top 2, material.

Next up is the group date with everyone except Becca. These ladies get the pleasure of a talent show, which if not mortifying enough for some, becomes so when they learn they have to perform said "talents" in front of 1200 people AND national television. Even if you actually had a talent, this date would be the worst to be on. I'm having my own panic attack just thinking about it.

It appears that these ladies literally have zero talents, with the exception of Jubilee, who can, of course, play the cello (what can't she do?) and the twins, who can Irish tap dance and are actually decent. The other acts included juggling, hula dancing, a girl dressed as a clown, and another girl dressed as a chicken...(Where's that chicken lady from the first episode when we need her?). And lest we not forget the girl who dressed like a Vegas show girl, jumped out of a cake and performed THE MOST AWKWARD striptease (? is that what it was?) ever.

So, I have to saw, that while I was as horrified as you, as Ben, as the other girls...I have watched this show (and UNREAL) long enough to know that producers were behind that whole thing. Sure, she may have decided on the "showgirl" thing herself, but the whole cake thing and the comments she made about standing out...it all WREAKED of producers telling her that she could really impress Ben if she did this. Who can blame the girl for having a panic attack after that monstrosity? Let it be known, I am not an Olivia fan, but in this scene, watching her have a little "come to Jesus" about the fact that she is not, in fact, invincible.

But, all of that quickly went away during the cocktail party that night. Olivia's attempts to apologize for herself continually and further embarrass herself screamed insecurity, and not in a way that made me feel bad for her this time. This entire episode, again, makes it so clear that Olivia is not going to win this thing, not even close, and Ben is starting to see her crazy. Comments like, "Ben is my piece," "I'm zen with Ben, " etc etc don't do her any favors...just like the outfit she wore the night of the group date.

And who can forget the other countless awkward moments of the night - starting with Ben calling Caila a Sex Panther? Does she sting the nostrils, Ben, in a good way? How about Lauren H., whom I find to be uber annoying, and making out with a puppet, aka Little Ben?

Lauren B. gets the rose this date. You guys are kidding yourselves if you don't think she makes it to the final 2.

Becca gets the second 1-1, and the most hideous dress in all the land shows up with her name on it. Upon meeting Ben at the chapel, where he greets her on one-knee and she promptly looks terrified and says, "I"m so glad I didn't have to say 'yes' to a marriage proposal."

Ummm...so she's not winning. I actually don't even want to spend much time talking about her date, because though I like her, I'm over her story as a virgin and I still don't buy her being "ready" for anything that could come from this show. Actually, scratch that, I DO want to comment on when Ben's talking about Becca's virginity and he basically says that he's the opposite because that...was everything. Anyway, she and Ben's chest "marry" a few couples and then they talk about sex and make out. #blueballs

In the least shocking moment of Bachelor history ever, the TWINS are chosen for 'surprise' 2-on-1 date. Why is this not shocking to me? First, because I'm convinced the twins were brought on this show for the sole reason of being taken on a 2-on-1 date and TWO, because we are in their hometown, and the franchise can save on travel expenses for them.

I've gotta say, I don't get the twins. I don't know how they made it past the first night (see line about about 2-on-1), and I was sure, SURE, he was going to send them both home. I mean, the one had crystal skulls and PINK perfume in her room, along with pictures of her ex-boyfriend. My only question is, now that there is only 1 twin, will her occupation change?

Rose ceremony time!

Olivia continues to reiterate her insecurity and crazy by showing Ben her REAL talent of eating cake, and emphasizing to him that she hasn't been herself this week. Which, of course, we all know to mean, she's been COMPLETELY herself and she doesn't want to scare Ben off.

Amber gets sent home, no surprise, and so does, Rachel, which bums me out. I was sure she was my dark horse! Now I think the dark horse is JoJo.

A few more thoughts: I think it's completely weird that the girls were all over Jubilee last week, and this week there seems to be no drama there? Second, does Olivia not look different in every single scene to everyone else? Third, where was the hot tub?!

Final four predictions now that we're getting down to it:

1. Caila
2. JoJo
3. Lauren B.
4. Jubilee

What say you, Bachelor Nation? What'd  I miss this week?
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Strength in the Name of Cankles: A Bachelor Recap

I'm not quite sure what happened this week, but tables turned in the house of crazy. The episode opened and closed with tears and shit talking, and in between there was more of the same.

Let's Bach Cap:

Lauren B. gets tapped for the first one-on-one. Why you would bring a flight attendant on an airplane date, I'm not quite sure, as it's pretty much the equivalent to taking Amber on a date to the bar where she works, or Rachel to her house (#funemployment). Nice, I guess? I'm also not sure why Ben thought the plane ride with Lauren was so amazing, given that all they said the whole ride was, "Wow," 83,498,731 times and the rest of the time they awkwardly pecked each other on the lips in headgear. 

They fly to a desert in the middle of nowhere, and a jacuzzi just happens to be waiting for them. I know I'm not the only one who noticed that every date so far has involved a hot tub. I'm convinced it's the same hot tub and they just keep moving it from place to place to save money. Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Tub. 

They proceed to make out a lot. “It feels like we’ve done this before,” marvels Lauren, who apparently suffers from short-term memory loss. The rest of the date is kind of a snooze, but I like Lauren B. for the most part. Except for how she seems to have a crush on her Dad, which is weird. Nonetheless, I'd put good money on her sticking around for awhile.

Back at the house, we get our first glimpse at Caila's crazy when she starts CRYING because she loves Ben and can't get over the fact that he's going on dates with other women. No one tell her, but THAT'S WHAT THE BACHELOR IS!

The girls are called up for the group date, in which Team Stars is pitted against Team Stripes in a "soccer game" that should have embarrassed women across America. "Zero ball-handling skills" is the understatement of the season. Rachel gets a lot of airtime, which usually means one of two things: She's going home or we're going to see more of her. Remember when I mention a dark horse last week? She might be it. 

Olivia has a Tonya Harding moment when Rachel gets hurt and Olivia says she's going to "take advantage of it." Her team wins, and the rest of the girls head back to the house in tears.

Of course, Olivia steals Ben away immediately and the girls take the opportunity to be incredibly catty and talk shit about Olivia's toes. Yes, you read that right. Now, Olivia provides many a reason to shit talk, but HER TOES? Toe-shaming should not a thing. Olivia had her first (and only?) relatable scene when she says,"Am I aggressive? Yes. Do I have bad toes? Yes." Amber gets the rose, but Olivia's not worried because he touched her thigh, and that means MARRIAGE, people!

Here's where things started to get super weird. Jubilee, who's been worried this whole episode that she's not Ben's "type" due to her being complicated (and brunette), gets the next one-on-one. Ben shows up late to the date, which (rightfully) annoys Jubilee, so when he picks her up, she makes a joke about it. And then, when she realizes they're flying somewhere (she's scared of heights), she makes another joke asking if anyone else wants to go instead.

And in that moment, Jubilee apparently personally offended and deeply hurt every girl in the house, turning her into a three-headed, cocky bitch who needed to go home yesterday. (The girls opinions, not mine.)

On the date, Jubilee is awkward and funny and real. She calls Ben "white boy" to test his sense of humor, and spits out caviar because she likes hot dogs. They get into a hot tub (I'm telling you, it's the same one from Lauren B.'s date) and they have a weird convo with awkward shoulder shrugs and sexual innuendo. At dinner, she tells Ben she's the only surviving member of her immediate family, and she feels a lot of guilt about that. (And, Ben, seriously? What kind of guilt?) Ben reassures Jubilee that she's strong. Jubilee is probably thinking, "Thanks, White Boy! I'm a war veteran, so you bet your ass I'm strong AF!)

I don't get the controversy with Jubliee. To me, she seems like a badass war veteran with rough story (next Bachelorette, anyone?). Yes, she's a little awkward and standoffish to the other girls, but who cares? They all are.

The girls are livid that she's gotten a rose, and Lauren H. has the balls to say that she doesn't think Jubilee is the kind of girl Ben is looking for because she can't see her setting up playdates with soccer moms. And why is that, Lauren, because she's BLACK? Her comments made me super uncomfortable, and I could not shake the feeling that a lot of the comments made were about race.

Just when you thought the drama had reached it's peak (And none of it from Lace!), Ben arrives to the rose ceremony and shares that two close family friends were killed in an airplane crash, so he's feeling a little down. Olivia, as she does, swoops in to steal him away, where she can TOTALLY relate to how he's feeling because she has cankles. Because everyone knows the best way to help someone is by making it about you.

You can't make this shit up. When she started fucking CRYING about her cankles and then said some bullshit like, "I can't be strong all the time," I wanted to vomit. Her behavior this whole episode is how I know she's not winning it all. All the comments about Ben being her husband, and how she thinks he's subtly letting her know that he needs time with her too, and that his hand on her thigh or lower back means he loves her? CRAY CRAY, you guys! Ben gets his first glimpse when she has the most shallow conversation ever rather than comforting him, and for that I am grateful.

Jubilee on the other hand, sets up a massage table for Ben to make him feel better, which the girls interpret as being SUPER AGGRESSIVE. They still aren't over the joke she made about giving up her one-on-one, and Amber tries to talk to her about it. AKA, she tries to bring Jubilee into a room full of women who loathe her, and Jubilee confirms, "This ain't cute!" before shutting herself in the bathroom. Ben goes to see what's up, and Amber takes it upon herself to then confront Jubes in front of Ben, who stuck up for her, and I admire that. I bet Ben regrets giving Amber that rose, and she seals her fate for the rest of the show in that moment.

Lace disappointingly leaves on her accord before the rose ceremony, stating that she needs to work on herself. She quoted her tattoo, you guys, so she's SUPER serious. Anyway, we're all a little disappointed, but I think we saw this week that Olivia is there to pick up the crazy that Lace left behind. See you in Paradise!

Jami and Shushanna don't get roses, and Jami, whom I literally didn't know was on this show until tonight, hates all humans. WHY ARE THE TWINS STILL HERE?

I'm stumped as to my winner predictions, but I still like Rachel, Leah, JoJo (even though she was a bitch to Jubilee) and Lauren B.

What do you think guys? Who do you like and hate?
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This Week on Bachelor High

I woke up feeling a little sad today because I found myself feeling, dare I say...excited about tonight's show. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

I blame it on the fact that first and foremost, I like Ben. And second of all, the producers brought the crazy last week, and it's been a while since we've had that on this show. What can I say, I'm a sucker for drama.

Episode opens with all ladies regretting acting like drunken sailors at the first Rose Ceremony. Oh wait, no, that was just Lace.

A quick camera span and I notice how much prettier many of these girls seem this week. More relaxed? Less drunk? More clothes? All of the above?

Even with the first few interviews, I decide I still like JoJo and Leah (I'm forgiving her for bending over on a first date). I still hate the twins, and Ben's haircut.

Group Date #1
Peter takes 10 girls to "Bachelor High," where they team up and have to "make Ben's volcano blow" and pass apples from mouth to mouth. I feel like they're suggesting something?

Ultimately, one gal will be Ben's Homecoming Queen. Amber and Mandi are the final contenders and the winner is chosen in a foot race. Mandi, who is wearing high-waisted, camel-toe palazzo pants that are unflattering even on her, wins much to America and Ben's dismay.

On to the cocktail party, where little Benny's no kissing rule goes out the window, laying one on Becca, Jennifer AND Jubilee. I'm on the fence with Jennifer. I *think* I like I like her attitude and the things that come out of her mouth, but there's something I'm not sold on yet....Lace continues her crazy by saying she's really NOT crazy. It's too bad really, because she's actually KIND OF pretty. Also, when you start a sentence with "I know I'm coming off a little crazy..." it's because you are.

The longer Ben and Lace talk, the more I feel like they look alike. Is this reality or just the red wine?
I'll tell you what, Ben's putting it down with these ladies. He's making eye contact, he's smooth talking, he's making moves, kissing Becca, Jennifer, Jubilee AND JoJo. I'm a little shocked! But I like it.

Also, this is so bitchy, but it has to be said: Mandi is not pretty. JoJo gets the rose!

Back at the house, and Olivia stuns all of America with how very big her mouth is. Like, I've never seen anything bigger? (#thatswhatshesaid). She's never been more surprised as when Caila gets the one-on-one. It's FRIGHTENING!

Caila's one-on-one
First, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you that last week, Caila told us that as she watched The Bachelor, she thought Ben was cute and so she broke up with her boyfriend. Not only her boyfriend, but a guy she seriously considered marrying. She's a big believer in fate, guys, which ultimately means winning The Bachelor is not hers.

Apparently, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are hard up for cash, because they're taking Ben and Caila on a date. I mean, I'm sure Ice Cube could use the publicity, but what the hell is Kevin Hart doing here? To say they are both seem out of place on this show and on this date is an understatement, but at least they are bringing some racial diversity. (You were thinking it, too.)

I feel confused after this date. Confused as in, nothing happened except we saw naked Kevin Hart AND Amos Lee. What is AMOS LEE doing here? He's too awesome for The Bachelor. Ben agrees as he basically starts to cry tears of joy at this performance.

Group Date #2
The girls strip down to no clothes so that science can tell them who Ben will most likely love. The twin declare they don't know much about science and they aren't "smart." The date really went downhill from there.

Sam, aka Cake Face aka sad-dad-story aka Sour Smell, continues to not impress me. It's like, I need her to clear her throat.
Shushanna apparently does speak English  and Olivia, as it turns out, is proving to not be quite as nice as we thought last week. Do we think she's had a nose job? Or is it that she needs one?

The ladies go back to Ben's pad, and Olivia continues to piss everyone off by stealing time with Ben. Amanda FINALLY (hasn't it been like, 24 hours since they've started the show?) tells Ben about her TWO kids.

PS how is she only 25 with two kids? I only wish her voice wasn't 100 decibels too high and that she didn't say "like" after every word, or I might like her.

Olivia gets the rose and is stabbed with 1 million eye daggers.

Cocktail Party
My favorite part of every episode. Ben's rocking a three-piece suit and I dig it.

Lace rambles on about how she needs time with Ben and then spends it talking about how she was such an ugly duckling and that's a lot for her to have told him. I'm worried Lace's time is almost up, but don't worry - she is going straight to Bachelor in Paradise.

Lauren B. (not to be confused with LB) seems completely unimpressed by Ben's thoughtful gesture of giving her a printed photo of them. I'm not sure if I dig her LIGAS (like I give a shit) attitude or if I find it annoying, but Ben digs it. She may go farther than I thought.

LB shocks everyone and leaves instead of accepting Ben's rose. Who was she again?

Cake Face (Sam), Mandi and Jackie all go home.

New Final Four Predictions:
1. JoJo
2. Amanda
3. Olivia
4. Caila

Other insights:
I think Sean coming on the show in the first episode and telling Ben that he didn't really get interested in Catherine (now his wife and baby mama) until a few weeks in was foreshadowing that some of the women who seem to be leading the pack are not the ones to watch. I have a feeling a dark horse could steal the show in the next couple of weeks...but which one?! Maybe Lauren or Amanda? Even Jennifer?

Characters that I can identify so far this season:
Olivia: The "I'm not here to make friends" girl + "We just have so much chemistry"
Lace: The Crazy Girl/Villain (although Olivia plays this role, too!)
Caila: The "Girl Next Door"
Amanda: The Mom
Leah: The Tomboy

P.S: Who has seen UNREAL on Lifetime? I watched last year and SHOCKINGLY (as in not shocking at all) became obsessed. But since watching, it's hard to watch this show without thinking of UNREAL. We all know that the producers have a large hand in what people say in their interviews, the edit they get, playing a "character," etc. It's hard not to watch this show now and being able to identify the "heavily produced' moments.

Thoughts? Tell me your predictions!
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New Year, New Goals

I'm a sucker for a new year. There's just something about starting fresh that inspires me to want to reset, commit to goals and just attack the year with positivity and motivation.

Easier said then done. 

But this year is different, because instead of just setting goals (I refuse to call them resolutions), I am putting plans against them. It's so much easier to be successful when you have plans and not just ideas.

I'm excited for this coming year! I'm in a new job, I feel like I'm getting the hang of this "mom" thing, we're healthy, happy. Life is good.

And while I'm a firm believer in being happy with what you have, it's also important that if you aren't happy with something in your life, YOU are the only person who can change it.

I thought about the areas of my life that I worry about the most, or that I'm not happy with, and the things I could do to change them, if anything.  

All that being said, here are my goals in 2016, in no particular order:

1. Call my family more
I've always been close to my family, but admittedly, we aren't always the best at communicating. Sure, we text, and email and talk on the phone, but sometimes, a few weeks will go by without any communication! Not cool.

Now that I'm a parent, I can't imagine what it will be like in 18+ years and not seeing my kids every day ... or talking to them every day! So this year, I vow to not only call my parents more, but my sisters and friends. They are all too important not to talk to frequently, to let them know I'm thinking of them or that I love them.

2. Self-improvement
Broad, I know, but let me
One of my biggest weaknesses is that I'm really hard on myself. I tend to focus on the negative, I worry and have anxiety about things I can't control, and I tend to keep it to myself when something is bothering me.

So not only will I work on improving myself mentally (sounds strange?) but physically, too. I'm still hanging on to 15 lbs of baby weight, and I hate it. I feel like my skin is wrinkly and aging, and I'm not doing small things like washing my face at night... seems small, but it's just one example of how I'm not taking care of myself. 

I am not happy with how I look or feel, and I'm finally motivated to get truly serious about doing something about it. So, I'm starting with the 21-day-fix (full blog post to come). I'm waiting for my materials to come in the mail and can't wait! I've heard such great things about the Beachbody programs, so YAY for some results (hopefully!) 

In addition, I'm excited to announce that I am joining Rodan & Fields as a consultant! I've used their products for years and they are amazing. The company is amazing, the products sell themselves and I figured I had nothing to lose. Another post to come on this, too!

3. Move into a new home
We knew when I was pregnant with Liam that our time in our current home was limited. It's a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo in an awesome neighborhood, and the three of us (and Addy) fit here just fine. 

But, having only two bedrooms eliminates our ability to comfortably host guests, which I hate, especially because our family and many close friends live out of town. Not only that, but now we host a nanny share for Liam and another little boy. Our living room is over-run with toys, we have a pack 'n play set up in our bedroom 24/7, there's no place for us to work at home when we have the option...the list goes on. 

So this year, our goal is to buy a new home, or at the very least start the process!

4. Reduce debt by 50%
Unfortunately, in 2014,we acquired some debt. I'm going to save all the dirty details, but between me being unemployed for a few months and having Liam, we had to use quite a bit of savings and also use credit cards for some big purchases. We've been working to get ahead on those and are close, but still need to make some more progress before we can even think about buying a new home.

I have plans in terms of payments in the coming months, but I'm also working toward this goal in tandem with my self-improvement goal, as I hope to earn some residual income from my R&F business, and maybe even as a coach for Beachbody!

5. Grow blog and writing presence
And finally, I want to continue to feed my true passion, which is writing. In 2015, I saw such great feedback from all of you with my writing, and also saw some validation in that in becoming a Huffington Post blogger, and being featured on Scary Mommy. I only want to do more with this space this year, freelance more and just continue to grow as a writer.

2015 was an amazing year of change and growth. Here's to that and more in 2016!
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The Bachelor: First Impressions

Once upon a time, before I had a baby, I blogged about things other than said baby or being a mom. Important things, like travel, drinking, and The Bachelor.

From what I hear, my former Bachelor blogs were a crowd favorite, so as a special treat in 2016, I've decided to BRING BACK THE BACHELOR RECAPS!

Without further adieu, let's get down to it, starting with this season's Bachelor, Ben Higgins. Also known as Peter Brady. (seriously though.)

Note: I am obviously not the first person to come up with this likeness. A Google search for "Peter Brady" generated several already-created side-by-side images of Ben and Peter. Photo Cred

A young Bachelor at just 26 (which indicates he will have women younger than him, which promises craziness and immaturity, which guarantees an awesome season), Ben is cute, wholesome, and seems funny enough without being TOO cheesy.

I did like him on Kaitlin's season, though I was a little surprised to know he was chosen as The Bachelor. I'm REALLY hoping he is more likeable and interesting than The Farmer. I will say, the self-deprecation about being unworthy of love? C'mon.

The limo entrances did not disappoint on the scale of weird, awkward, slutty and crazy. We had everything from a mini horse to a strange gal with a bangin' bod wearing a giant rose on her head, complete with the invitation to pollinate her flower later.

I challenged myself to come up with just one word to describe each girl by jotting down the first thing that came to my mind when they exited:

  1. Lauren B.: Likeable
  2. Caila: Cheesey
  3. Mandi: Psycho
  4. Jubilee: Badass
  5. Haley and Emily, Twins: Yuck
  6. Amanda: Helium
  7. Tiara: Chicken
  8. Samantha: Cakeface
  9. Lace: Crazy
  10. Lauren R.: Stalker
  11. Shushanna: What?
  12. Leah: Twerk
  13. Joelle "JoJo": YES
  14. Lauren H.: Sad
  15. Laura: Shy
  16. Maegan: Masculine
  17. Jami: Funny
  18. Breanne: Carbs
  19. Izzy: No
  20. Rachel: Unemployed
  21. Jessica: Eyes
  22. Lauren "LB": Droopy
  23. Jackie: No
  24. Olivia: Hi
  25. Amber: Again?
  26. Becca: Gorgeous
  27. Jennifer: Meh

One word for these ladies was SUPER hard. For so many of them, I needed two to four words, like "No way," or "What the fuck?" or "That bitch is cray."

As the cocktail party went on, I found it difficult not to go back and revise my chosen words, but I restrained myself. I found that for a few ladies that gave a bad first impression out of the limo, they redeemed themselves in the cocktail hour. JoJo, for example, the chick with the Unicorn head? Loved her.  Or Leah, the girl who basically showed her EVERYTHING bending over to hike a football? Didn't hate her, either.

Then we had the crazies who showed their crazy from beginning to end. I'm talkin to you, Lace and Mandi. The Rose Ceremony proved to me that this show is rigged. There is no way, NO WAY, that someone like Ben would pick Mandi or Lace over some of the girls he got rid of. NO WAY.

All in all, we've got our token players for the season. The drama queens, the bitches, the all-american good girls, the mom, etc.

After tonight's viewing, my Initial Final Four Picks:

1. Olivia
2. JoJo
3. Leah
4. Caila

What did everyone else think of the episode?

PS - Forgive my lack of witty humor. I'm warming up and getting back into the swing of things! :)
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