As we're in the throes of holiday season (my favorite time of year) and also approaching Liam's first birthday, I find myself super emotional these days. I have so many words and thoughts waiting to pour out of me, and can't wait until I can dedicate a few hours to just writing through all these feelings! (If only there were, like...double the hours in a day.)

We celebrated Thanksgiving last week in Iowa with both of our families. We were home for a long weekend and looked forward to spending copious amounts of quality time with friends and family -- but unfortunately, the sick Gods had other plans for us.

Thanksgiving night, Liam spiked a 104.5 degree fever that wasn't coming down with Ibupofen. We waited a bit, gave Tylenol, and finally, his temp came down to a way less scary degree. We agreed we'd take him to urgent care in the morning if it kept up. Needless to say, we were up all night with a hysterical child. His fever kept climbing and we brought him in right away on Friday morning. Poor guy has his first ear infection.


So, it was a rough couple of days with not much sleep for me and Bryan, and lots of rest of Liam. Which is to say, we basically stayed home ("home" being with my older sister) and made people come to us to hang out.

Being home is always difficult with both of our families being there. There are three sets of grandparents, four sets of aunts/uncles and multiple cousins to fit in to not enough days (especially with Liam being on a schedule, still.) Of course, we know it's a greater blessing than it is a curse to have so much family around, but it's hard for us to ever feel like we get enough time with any of them. We always complain when we are home that we can't relax because we are bouncing from house to house. But then over Thanksgiving when we didn't leave much, we felt like we should be seeing people. Double-edged sword, I suppose.

By the end of the weekend, Liam's antibiotics began to kick in and he was getting back to his happy self. We managed a trip to the children's museum, which he loved, and Bryan and I even squeezed in a date night with some of our friends.

Liam also took his first steps over the weekend! Completely nonchalantly, I just glanced and saw him take about 4 steps! We kept encouraging him to do it again and again, and he was getting frustrated by us picking him up and setting him down. The steps I happened to capture were after multiple attempts, so he is hysterically crying, but I kind of love it and think it's hysterical! (and, real life.)

Work has me working all kinds of crazy hours these days, taking up my normal evening blog time at home, but I promise to come back soon with details on what we are doing for the 1st birthday (hint - not much), and I'll finally write down some of those FEELINGS I'm grappling with as we close out 2015, and our first year as parents.


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