Liam {11 Months}

11 months old. My baby is officially in his last month before he becomes a "toddler." But let's be honest, he'll always be my baby, and I refuse to stop referring to him as such until he's two. You heard it here first.

Each month seems to get better and better. He learns new skills and interests by the day, and it's such a joy to watch him learn. He's so curious, super smart, Mr. Independent and super sweet with a just enough sass. 

At one of our many doctor's visits this past month (damn cold season), Liam weighed in at 20lbs, 12oz, but we aren't sure on height. I think right now he's about 21 lbs, 29 inches. I find that now he's so active, he doesn't gain weight as easily as when he would pack on a few pounds a month!

Milestones & Skills
  • Standing -he doesn't do it often, but he can. He does it longest when he doesn't realize it
  • Talking more! He can say Mama, Dada, Puppy, Puffs, That, Book, Up and Vroom
  • Drinking out of a spouted sippy instead of straw
  • Walks well - and FAST - with assistance or holding on to furniture 
  • Sharing - so sweet!
  • Shakes head back and forth - it looks like he's saying no, but it's actually a dance move.
  • Clapping - he claps when he hears it in public or on the TV, and he claps for himself all the time :)
  • Opening/closing doors
  • Diving into pillows
  • Tricking you - he acts like he's giving you something - a toy or his pacifier, and then when you're about to take it he snatches it back! It's hilarious.
  • Chase - he loves when I sing "I'm gonna get you" and I chase him. He crawls away and I catch up to him and tickle him, while he giggles hysterically.
  • Looking out the window - every morning we look out on the street and say "Vroom vroom" at the cars and construction workers
  • Flirting - Liam is always so good when we go to eat with him (knock on wood). He is always such a flirt with the ladies, giving them big smiles and squeals!
  • Testing us - he loves crawling somewhere or trying to grab something/put it in his mouth, and then giving us a sideways glance to see what we'll say. We try to let him explore as much as possibly, and only say "No" or "No thank you" when he's doing something like pulling cords, trying to eat dog food, or turning on the bath when he's not in it :)
  • Dancing - He dances at any melody and it's the most adorable thing ever.
  • Haircut - He was born with so much hair, and I resisted cutting it forever. But it was starting to get super long in back and over his ears, so I caved. He did so good!
  • Halloween - Unfortunately, it was horrible weather here in Chicago (cold and rainy), so we didn't go trick or treating. Instead, we went to our friends' house in the suburbs, and I dressed Liam up as a monkey for my own entertainment. (And of course, for a photo opp.)
  • The changing table (still and always)
  • The Nose Frida - We've been sick a lot in the past couple of months and while the Nose Frida used to be funny, it is now viewed as a torture device.
  • Vacuums and hand dryers - Poor baby cries bloody murder!

Still eats 4-5 bottles each day, but lately doesn't drink as many ounces per bottle. He's also eating 3 meals/day and has some snacks, too! 
He's been a little more picky this month than normal, but we've found he loves waffles, almond butter & jelly sandwiches, quinoa anything, black beans, avocados, blueberries, raspberries, pizza and spaghetti.

It depends on the day, but typically Liam naps once in the morning around 9am, and again between 1-2pm. If his naps are shorter, he'll take a third catnap.

He still sleeps through the night, but in recent weeks, he's been waking up earlier and earlier. With the time change at Halloween, he went from waking at 730am to 630am, which we suspected. But we also assumed he'd just eventually get back to old sleeping patterns.

The past week or so he's been waking anywhere from 5am-6am! It ain't right. He's been battling a new mother-fricking cold (I swear he hasn't been healthy since mid-September), and I think that's playing a factor. Hoping he gets back to some normalcy (or at least waking up post 6am) soon, but until then, trying to enjoy the extra time we get together in the morning, rather than being super rushed!
The countdown to one is officially on! We aren't planning anything crazy for his first birthday. We'll be home in Iowa for the holidays and plan to have a get together with family and close friends. Just planning a low-key afternoon with pizza and a smash cake. And booze of course, because quite honestly, I feel like we deserve a party for us, too! We managed to keep another human alive for a year without a clue what we were doing. Here's to us!

See you at One, little man.



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