Liam Albert {10 Months Old}

Each passing month officially becomes my favorite. I'm just loving this phase of Liam. While he is busy and as such, keeps us busy, he is also learning so much and really developing a personality. I think he is hysterical and adorable, among so many other things. He's so happy and easy-going as well...we get so many comments on how "good" and "happy" and "sweet" he is. I couldn't agree more!

Here's what we're up to at 10 months old!

Not sure since we don't see the doctor until our one-year visit, but Liam is still just growing every day! He's maybe 28.5-29 inches, and probably 21 lbs, if I had to guess.

New Milestones/Skills
  • Shows/finds things, people and animals - Liam can now show us something when we ask him to. For example, if I ask "where's Dada?" or "Where's your monkey?" he will point, or go pick up the toy. 
  • Points where to go or at what he wants - He can also use his finger to point at something instead of just the arm in a general direction. 
  • Supported walking - He's getting so good at walking with us holding his hands and with his little walker toy! He is going to be cruising in no time!
  • Recognizes people and things - He recognizes people he's very familiar with and usually reacts to them in some way. The same with toys and food he likes. :)
  • Talking more - Nothing super understandable, except for the addition of "Nay Nay Nay" to his vocabulary, which we are pretty sure means no. (Isn't it too early for that?)
  • Waves hi and bye - He's been doing this for a while now, but he has recently perfected opening/closing his hand to say hi/bye, and does this to nearly every person he sees. It's so sweet!
  • Imitates - He mimics sounds and faces without being prompted and thinks it's just hysterical!
  • Laughs at himself - The other night he made a funny face during dinner and I laughed at him, so he laughed too, and then kept doing it over and over.
  • Sharing - He is getting really good at giving people things, whether it's his pacifier, a toy or a piece of food.
  • Plays with emotions - He knows how to react to get his way, that is for sure!
  • Puts objects in containers

He is still loving many of the same things, with a few new additions:

  • making silly faces - he does a really funny "cheese" face when I ask him, and other times just to get a reaction from us!
  • eating - whether it's a "ba ba"or real food, he can't get enough. I think he'd eat an entire can of Puffs if we let him!
  • baths - nothing new here!
  • giving kisses and hugs
  • reading books
  • walking himself around furniture, or with his toys
  • getting into everything he shouldn't
  • outside - he cries when we come in from a walk, and is always mesmerized by trees, the sky, etc.
  • blowing air - he thinks it's very funny if you blow air in his face, on his tummy or on his toosh. I know that last one sounds weird but he had a rash recently and I was trying to air it out, and now he finds great pleasure in it, LOL.

Honestly, the kid doesn't dislike much, but a few I can think of:
  • Changing clothes and/or diapers. Still.
  • Sitting still. ongoing.
  • Being sick - I mean, no one likes being sick, but this poor kid really doesn't. We've had some bouts of colds and HFM disease, and he's had a lot of thermometers up his butt and Nose Frida action happening, and he HATES both. I can't blame him.
Still eating 4-5 bottles/day, plus several small meals! Kid LOVES to eat.

Still going strong with 3 naps/day (we'll probably transition to 2 soon), and sleeping 12 hours at night. We've had some rocky nights recently with teething and being sick, but we can't complain much.

As I said - Liam and life with baby in general is just so much fun. Different than "before" and of course comes with struggles and bad days, but I couldn't love my little guy any more, and continue to look forward to the coming months!

The eternal struggle for a photo continues...


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