Making Memories: Whole Dam Fam Vacation

Hi everyone! I've missed you, and this space. Pardon my absence, but last week, I was on vacation all week and disconnected from most things. The week before I was crazed prepping for said vacation.

Before I go any further, I want to share some of the most exciting news ever: I've been published! On The Huffington Post!

A few weeks ago, I submitted a blog to HuffPost. An editor responded right away saying they'd love to publish it! They gave me a blog log-in, and I submitted a bio and head shot. Now, I'm free to submit blogs as I wish through my own HuffPost URL. And last week, my first one got published! (And not even the original one I submitted.) Low and behold, it was the ever-popular Inner Dialogue of a New Mom post. It is so, so cool to see my name on a site like HuffPost, and to see so many people sharing, liking and relating to my writing. Feedback has been overwhelming and amazing, and I'm just really proud of myself. I can't wait to share more of my writing through this amazing platform!

Anyway, like I said, last week, I was on vacation with most of my whole immediate family. I haven't been on a proper family vacation for YEARS. The trip has been planned since last year, so to have it finally be upon us was super exciting! My dad, stepmom, sisters, brothers-in-law, step-brother, nieces and nephews all made the trip up to Door County Wisconsin. My dad and his wife go there every year and wanted us all to join them this year. We were all Door County Virgins.
How I spent Monday

We rented a gorgeous home in Bailey's Harbor that was on the water and secluded, and held all 14 of us (Dad and Denise stayed in their own cottage). We had more than enough room for every family to have their own bedroom, and the kids got to all share a bunk bed room - they had a complete blast. The resort, Gordon Lodge, was on the water, had a great restaurant, pool and water activities. It was perfect!

As most vacations do, it went too fast. But this vacation was great because it was a mix of relaxation and activity. As you can imagine, with four kids aged 3-13, and two babies, we could not spend the week boozing it up on the lake, much as we may have wanted. :) We made sure to do "something" every day, but also got in ample adult/relaxation/cocktail time.

I won't bore you with the details of every single day, but will share these photos of our trip. I actually didn't take nearly as many as I'd imagined, and unfortunately, we didn't get any of the whole family! But, as much as photos to document occasions are important, I think it's equally as important not to spend your life behind a camera, so - it is what it is. Our memories are our own, and I hope this is the first of many more family vacations to come!

At The Farm: A super fun petting zoo!

Liam and his namesake: Papa (Al)Bert! Liam also almost murdered a chick. He grabbed the poor babe's head and pulled. You've never seen a neck stretch like that!

The most beautiful sunset after dinner one night! Some of us took out kayaks to get an even better view!

At Peninsula Beach State Park! Liam tried ice cream for the first time, and hated the life jacket!

And that's it for photos, pretty much. Grandma and Papa watched the kids one night, and we all went out for a nice dinner and drinks. Another night we all cooked and ate/drank at home, played bags outside, etc. Another day, everyone kind of did their own thing.

Pictures or not - we had a great time, little drama and made memories to last lifetime. 
Oh, and I did this:


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