Pure Michigan + Cute Babies + Great Friends= Perfect Weekend

Apparently I have a thing for mid-week weekend updates because I can't get my shit together on Mondays. Wamp wamp.
Grady, Stetson, Harvey and Liam!

We spent last weekend in Michigan with three of my best friends and their sons/husbands for our 2nd Annual Friends Family Weekend. Last year, we were all preggo in Nashville and this year, we all had our boys together.
July 2014 (Sara, 14 weeks; Me, 16 weeks; Annie, 32 weeks; Britt, 22 weeks)

Crazy the difference, a year makes, yes?

July 2015 (Grady, 10 months; Harvey, 6 months; Stetson, 8 months; Liam, 6 months)

I'm going to keep the actual recap short and sweet: It was the best time! We rented a in Southwestern Michigan and we had a private beach, a pool, a grill, a nice outdoor area, and we were not too far from civilization where we could go into town and do some things.
Liam dipped his feet in Lake Michigan. It was chilly, but he loved it!

The guys went golfing one morning, and miraculously, the boys were on similar eating/sleeping schedules, so we were able to get out of the house on Saturday afternoon to go to a winery, which was so great. After the boys went to bed, we had good old fashioned adult fun drinking beers and playing games!
Men & babies = SEXY!

It was just really wonderful to get out of the hustle and bustle, cuddle each other's babies (and our own), get the boys playing together (big and small boys ;) ), stage ridiculous photo shoots, and just catch up. Nothing like quality time with good friends!
love these ladies!

Again, I'm going to let pictures speak for themselves. Beware: there is so much cuteness, you might die.
The heat in the pool was broken unfortunately, but Liam was 
a brave soul and loved the water! (For a few minutes.) He & Stetson
were twinning, and Harvey snoozed in the sun!

At Round Barn Winery

 Grady refused to crack a smile, and kept grabbing his nearby buddies.

Finally, a small smile from Grady :)

Stetson stole Liam's pacifier. Hilarious!

Summer is not slowing down any - from now until October, we have VERY few weekends where one or all of us aren't booked with something. All good of course - it's just life. And it's a good "problem" to have!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend --- we're almost to the next!

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