Weekending {A Month's Worth of Updates}

Summer has officially arrived in Chicago - both with the weather and with how busy we are!

Sorry for the blog hiatus - everything has been busy lately. We've been traveling, we've had visitors in town, Bryan has been gone for work, I've been busy at work/being a single mom while Bryan has been gone...it's been insanity.

As a result, there are so many fun things to update everyone on! I say that with the assumption that you care, but a more correct hypothesis is that I am the only one who will care how we've spent the last few weekends. I need to document them because we've been having fun, fun, fun!

Let's start with where I left off: The weekend of May 15-17. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit for my BIL's birthday, and we had a great time showing them Chicago, and going to both Matt and Liam's first Cubs game! Photos and full post here.

Then over Memorial Day, Bryan and I went away for our first weekend away from Liam to celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary in Key West. It was amazing and fun and refreshing and so nice to reconnect, just the two of us. Of course we missed the baby like crazy, but we knew he was in good hands at home with Gigi. Photos and full post here.

When we got home from Key West, Bryan had to turn around go out to California for work for most of the week and following weekend. To keep me company while he was gone, I hosted a "B(r)e(a)st Friends Weekend" at my place. I was pregnant with two of my besties, so now that our boys are all here, they we all hung out over the weekend. Our moms came too! Photos and full post here.

And finally, two weekends ago, we traveled home to Iowa to celebrate our nephew, Tate's, 1st birthday! It was also my hubby's birthday, but we are not allowed to celebrate that. (He doesn't like being celebrated.) We had a wonderful time visiting with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! You guessed it - photos and full post here.

I hope to be back on a more regular basis starting this week. I've just been pooped when we get done with these busy weekends, and feel like the following week I am playing catch up and don't want to sit and blog after work. (I'd prefer watching bad TV and drinking wine, so...that has been winning.)

What has everyone else been up to?


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