Weekend Update {Mattalie Comes to Town}

My sister and brother-in-law, Matt, came to Chicago to celebrate Matt's birthday! A huge Cubs fan, my sister bought Matt tickets to the Cubs game and we thought it'd be a great opportunity to take Liam to his first Cubs game!

When we were expecting a boy, one of the things that Bryan always said was that he was excited to take his boy to baseball games, so we were really looking forward to this. Plus, when Matt and Natalie have been to visit us previously, we just stayed in because well, we just had a baby. But now that Liam is older, we were excited to go out and have Matt, Natalie and Liam see the great city of Chicago!

On Friday, we took the El (Liam's first ride!) to grab a bit to eat, and then visit Buckingham Fountain, Millenium Park and The Bean! Then we went to Lou Malnati's, a traditional Chicago pizza place, for dinner.


Saturday was Game Day! (And Matt's birthday.) The game was at 3pm, so we spent the morning hanging at home so Liam could get a good nap. We all pre-gamed :). Once Liam woke up, we headed to Wrigley! The day was super hot (way warmer than we expected for May), so babe was a little uncomfortable. He did awesome at the game. He was so happy and was flirting with all the nearby fans. When it was time to nap/eat, I took him down to the First Aid office at Wrigley, which is air conditioned, with TVs and chairs for families to take the littles if need be. It was perfect! Cubs won, and then we came home to grill out before heading to bed.

Yay for Cubbies, Aunts and Uncles!


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