Liam {6 Months Old}

Well hot damn. Our baby is half a year old. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously....WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! I don't understand.


According to the doctor our 6-month well visit, little sir is clocking in at 17 lbs, 12 oz, and 26.5 inches long. So big! Hair is still brown (looking auburn sometimes, too) and it's looking more and more like he'll be a big, brown-eyed boy!

  • peek-a-boo
  • kissing. he grabs my face (and others) and just goes in for it. I'm sure he doesn't know he's giving kisses, but it's still adorable. He loves getting kisses, too!
  • being naked (nothing new from last month). When we have him in his diaper, it's "nakey baby time" and he just goes nuts with squeals and smiles.
  • grabbing hair and faces
  • his hands. we catch him just staring at his hands, bending fingers and turning them over, like he's just discovering what they can do! (like pull and grasp)
  • anything in his mouth
  • blowing raspberries
  • "surprises" - we turn our backs to him and then flip around, hide behind doors, etc and then "surprise" him. He loves it!
  • imitating sounds with his tongue
  • sign language - since we started with solids, we've been teaching "please," "more" "all done" and "thank you". He laughs when we do these funny motions with our hands :)
  • getting snot sucked out of his nose. True story - he's gotten two colds in the past month, and while he hates the saline squirts, when I use the Nose Frida, he smiles and just stares at me. He also loves oral medicine, like Tylenol and Gripe Water. Gulps it down! Weirdo.
  • moving around. Little man is going to be busting a move soon, I just know it. He's scooting and turns himself around on his belly. Basically, if he wants something that is not in his grasp, he finds a way to get there. (see video below)
  • Weird noises. Clucking, tongue noises, anything weird coming out of your mouth, he thinks it's hilarious.
  • solid foods! He loves trying new things, but current winners are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash and french fries (oopsies.)
Seriously...E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in the mouth!
  • Diaper or outfit changes. Not sure what has happened, but he goes berserk these days EVERY TIME we lay him on the changing table. 
  • Sitting still. Constantly turning, looking, squirming, jumping, bouncing. The only time he is still is when he is sleeping or eating. even eating is a challenge sometimes, as he has recently started slapping my chest and grabbing my skin while he eats. Super pleasant.
  • Saline squirts in his nose. No one likes post-nasal drip!
New Milestones/Skills
  • Scooting, turning on his belly (see video)
  • He can hold himself up with both arms during tummy time (which is all the time, because we can't keep him on his back!)
  • Sitting (still a little wobbly but for the most part, he's got this down!)
  • Supported standing - YEP. I can't believe it. but sure enough, put him in front of something his height to hang on to, and he'll just stand and chill. WHAT IS HAPPENING
  • New noise: roaring (see video) and chuckling -- like "heh heh heh" noise.  
  • First overnight stay away from Mom and Dad. We went to Key West for 4 nights and 5 days while my mom came to Chicago to stay with Liam. He did awesome for her, and we missed him like crazy, but it was nice to get away!
  • First time in a swing. Took a time-out from Tate's birthday party for some swing action. Loved it!
  • First time in a pool. Very hesitant at first b/c the water was a bit cool, but once he got adjusted, he loved it!

This night goes down as one of the funniest as a parent.

Still exclusively breastfed. I nurse him for overnight feedings, if he has them, and first thing in the morning, but other than that, it's pretty much bottles of breast milk. He eats 5-6.5oz bottles...7oz if he's really hungry!
And, as of a few weeks ago, we started eating solid food! We started with oatmeal cereal and quite honestly, I have no idea if he liked it or not. He made hilarious faces, mostly because it's obviously a new texture and taste than he's used to - he kept banging the counter for more! We also gave sweet potatoes (a big hit), green beans, carrots and squash. We've also had him try some table food, like gumming on french fries and smashed avocado. Solid foods are so fun!

Generally speaking, he's an awesome sleeper. He takes 3, sometimes 4, naps per day, ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. He is super predictable, too, and while we are flexible based on how long he's been awake, etc., we pretty much operate on clock-based schedule. Not because I want to, but because Liam has shown he likes routine and that's just how he works!
We go to bed at between 7-8pm, depending on how much napping he's done or how long he's been up since his third nap. He'll sleep through until 7-7:30am most days, sometimes with a paci-put-back or two, sometimes with a feeding or two, sometimes with nothing at all!
We are so lucky that we have such an awesome, easy baby. I hear so many horror stories about babies with colic, or who don't nap, always have to be held, etc. etc. Liam is just chill. He's independent. He's happy. He's healthy. And we just love him so with each passing day!



  1. Oh my gosh, we are dealing with the screaming wrestling match terror that is the changing pad too! I don't know what it is but he'll be happy as a clam and then you lay him down and he freaks. Good thing it's summer and he doesn't have to wear many clothes. We're also a schedule family too and our boy LOVES it. Throw him off and he's such a crank!

    1. Honestly, what is the deal?! Liam starts the fussing before we can even lay his toosh down! Good thing he is easily distracted :)

  2. awww Congrats!! He is the cutest!! And look at those big cheeks!!

    1. His cheeks are pretty amazing...I definitely *don't* kiss them 1,000+ times a day! :)


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