Father's Day Celebrations

Hey Monday: SUCK IT.

Sorry, was that rude? I have a serious case of the Mondays, in case you couldn't tell. I always do, but always more than usual when I've just come off a fun weekend!
After some weekends of traveling, we were all home this weekend, which was so nice, especially since it was Father's Day weekend. I wanted the weekend to be all about my husband. He hates being celebrated for any reason, but I just really wanted to make it special for him anyway, because he deserves it!
Friday night, we stayed in because I was a little under the weather. Thankfully, come Saturday, I was back to my normal self! The weather wasn't AS nice as we wanted it to be, unfortunately, but no worries. We hung at home for most of the day, getting stuff done and playing with Liam, of course, plus we took a nice little stroll.

We went to a nice restaurant around the corner to enjoy some alfresco dining before Liam went to bed. Liam got to sit like a big boy in his clip-on high chair! We've used this at home, but finally remembered to bring it out with us. It's so easy!

Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas, and we got rained on, so had to bring our party inside. No worries though. Liam was awesome as usual, though he got a little riled up at the end of dinner and was screaming in glee for no apparent reason. Thankfully, we've found that people still find this to be cute at his age..along with staring. :) We had fun giving him some french fries to gum on, plus some bites of avocado, which he loved.

Sunday, Liam decided to grace us with an early wake-up at 6;45am (of course, after he slept in until 8am all week!). Being the loving wife I am, I let Bryan sleep in until about 10 as a Father's Day present. I intended on taking a nap when Liam went down for his first nap, but instead I got started on Season 3 of Orange is the New Black!

While he was sleeping, also set up B's Father's Day gift from Liam, plus a couple of cards and a bottle of champagne. I was a little nervous about the present. I know this type of gift is something I would love, but I wasn't sure if it'd be too cheesey for him. Thankfully, he loved it!
I got the idea from one of my girlfriends, but basically, I had Liam create three paintings, and then I framed them in shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby, and bordered the painting with pictures of Liam and whomever the gift was for. In Bryan's box, I included photos of him and his Dad with Liam, in my Father-in-Law's, I included photos of Bryan and him, and in my dad's gift, there were pictures of me and Liam.

To my delight, Bryan loved it! He said I "one upped him" by using Liam's footprints instead of hand prints, like he did for my Mother's Day gift, and I told him not to be silly. We popped some bubbly to start the day's celebrations!
It was a gorgeous day so we packed up and went to the beach! We set up shop on some grass on the edge of the sand (did not want to deal with a sandy baby). We had lunch at a bar/grill on the beach, and then spent the rest of the day snoozing, playing and enjoying the weather!
Bryan let me off the hook for cooking dinner and we ordered pizza instead, watched the season premiere of True Detective and called it a day. All in all, a wonderful weekend, and I know Bryan enjoyed his first Father's Day.

How was ya'lls weekend?


  1. I just wanted to pass on a tip I learned: baby powder removes sand. You said you didn't want to deal with a sandy baby (I don't blame you!), but if you put baby powder where the sand is (feet, legs, etc.), it brushes the sand right off! I carry it in my diaper bag just in case. Your son is adorable!


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