b (r) e (a) st friends weekend 2015

*See what I did there?

While I pregnant, I gushed and gushed about how fun it is to be pregnant at the same time as other people. The whole not drinking for basically a year really puts a cramp in your social life, and it does not suck to have someone to not only be sober with, but to commiserate and empathize about the size of your body, or what internal organ your baby is squishing today.

Lucky for me, I was pregnant at the same time as three of my best friends! Last July, we all spent 4th of July together in Nashville. One friend had her boy in September, the next in November, then came Liam, and my other friend's boy on Christmas Day. Yes, all boys!

Stetson, Liam and Harvey at 12, 6, 5 weeks respectively!

Two of the three ladies live in or close to Chicago, so it has been super fun getting together with our littles! Back in February, my GF Sara and I drove the boys to Macomb for our first Breast Friends weekend. And then at the end of May, everyone came to my house for a second reunion. And this time, our moms came, too!

First night, minus my mom

Unfortunately, we lost our guest bedroom when we had Liam as it's now a nursery. But that doesn't stop us from having sleepovers! The first night, two of the mom's slept in my bedroom with two of the babies in Pack 'N Plays (my hubby was gone), Liam was in his room, and me and my friends slept on an air mattress/couch in the living room. (Looks like a baby made it out there in the middle of the night, too!)

We had all kinds of plans for the weekend, but the weather thwarted all of them. We made it to Starbucks in our ginormous double stroller that we use for our nanny share, but that was the extent to which we got outside, unfortunately. 

But the good news is, we had a blast anyway! We all basically hunkered down in my condo, drank wine and champagne, ate yummy food, cuddled babies, laughed at babies, pumped our boobies and chatted for 2 days straight! The sleeping situation wasn't ideal but we made it work, and had a blast. 

Some photos from the weekend:

Stetson and Liam, riding jammie style to Starbucks. 
Harvey followed in his own stroller.


Me and Stetson, Liam and Stetson

Friends that bathe together, stay together. 
PS: I promise Harvey was here, too, but he was sick and sleeping much of the weekend!

Gigi (my mom) and Liam

Britt, Stetson, Harvey and Granny Joanie

Our mamas: Glammy, Gigi and Granny

Stetson (7 months), Harvey (5 months), Liam (5 months)

I mean,  COME ON. I can't handle all the cuteness above or below this line.

Can't wait until the next one, ladies!


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