Birthday Babes Celebrate

We spent the weekend at home in Iowa to celebrate both my nephew Tate's 1st birthday, and my hubby's 21st (plus 12) birthday! Mainly the former though, as my husband hates to celebrate all things that relate to him in any way. {insert side-eye emoji}

Going home is both awesome and amazing and stressful. Do not get me wrong: We LOVE going home to see our families. But it has always been a struggle to feel like we are spending quality time with everyone, and that has heightened since we've had Liam. Who to stay with, when we do what and with whom, etc. makes for a weekend of bouncing around from place to place, and at the end, feeling like we didn't really see anyone.

When we've been home with Liam, we've literally found it easiest to say OK, Family A - you get this day, Family B - you get this day. There are times when we can do things with EVERYONE (like on Easter, my dad had both my family and Bryan's), but again - then it's Battle of the Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins on who gets to hold Liam! No one cares about us anymore ;).

Seriously though, babies are a hot commodity.

In any case, this visit home, we stayed with my sister-in-law, her fiance, and my niece and nephew. It's fun staying with them since Aly, my niece who is 7, LOVES being big sissy and cousin to her Tate, 1, and Liam (5 months). Plus we don't have to pack our whole house since they've got most everything we need there!

We got in late Thursday night, so Friday was my family's "day" to spend with us and Liam. It was gorgeous out, so we went over to my sister's house, where she set up the kiddie pool for Liam and my niece, Sloan. Liam is still wobbly while he sits, so we put him in the Bumbo in this little crab pool, and it was perfect. The water was a bit chilly at first, but once he got used to it, he loved the pool!

That night, my sister and brother-in-law hosted everyone for dinner and drinks.

Liam is giving Aunt Jessie kisses! So cute, right? She's expecting Baby No. 2 in October!

Sloanie and me!

Saturday was birthday party day, so we spent the morning helping set that up. It was another perfect day! The party was complete with food, drink, a tent, bounce house and bubble machine! My SIL was so sweet to think of Bryan, and got him a little "Smash" cake, too! Tate had a great time, and all the kids and attendees had a blast. Set quite the precedent for birthday parties to come!

 Tate loving his smash cake!

First Swing Experience. Loving it!

 With Aunties Jess & Nana

A little sugar never hurt anyone. Never mind that we've never had 
anything but breastmilk....

Cold Bud Light feels good on the teething gums...and loving on birthday boy, Dad!

 Another great weekend in the books!


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