Liam {5 Months Old}


We don't have a wellness checkup appointment this month, but by our at-home calculations, Liam weighs 17lbs and is 25.5-26 inches long. 

Your eyes are brown around the pupil and the outer parts are hazel/green. Time will tell.
You still have a full head of brown locks, including a wispy, randomly long strand on the right side that I find endearing. Your eyebrows look red sometimes...fingers crossed that's not going anywhere.

  • Peekaboo 
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Putting everything in your mouth - toys, feet, mom/dad's hands...literally eveything
  • Your latest noise is an interesting bird-like "caw" (see video)
  • You love being naked
  • Still fascinated with Addy
  • You love making body contact while eating - holding hands, hands on chest...anything works!
  • Your favorite toys are Sophie, your bear with different textures, your soft Very Hungry Caterpillar book and you're still all about the Jumparoo. Daddy is a fun toy, too!

  • Being sick (even though you are still in pretty good spirits!)
  • Coming in from being outside
  • Getting out of the bath
New Milestones/Skills
  • You can hold your own bottle
  • You finally belly laughed! Still aren't doing it very often but it is the sweetest sound! (see video)
  • You're so close to sitting on your own, and can do so for short bursts of time
  • You respond to your name
  • You've officially "found" your feet and are obsessed with them
  • You can put your pacifier back in your mouth (woohoo!)
  • You not only roll over, you push off  your arms when you're on your belly
  • Your search to see where mom and dad are
  • You pull everything - mainly my hair and jewelry 

You're still exclusively breastfed. You eat 5-6x day, and have 5-6oz per feeding. We are looking forward to starting solids at 6 months!

Now that we have gotten through the God Awful sleep regression, you're sleeping 11-12 hours per night in your crib. You go to sleep around 7:30pm most nights, and get up between 6:30 and 7:30am. SOMETIMES you wake for a night feeding, but not often. 

  • First cold: Officially the worst thing ever as a parent to see your baby sick! :(
  • First time on the "El"
  • First baseball game

As always, every month is better than the last. Watching you grow and discover is our favorite thing. You are the most curious, sweetest, happiest, most chill child ever, and though I hate the expression, we truly are so blessed.



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