Hello, friends. It's been awhile.

As I indicated, the month of April was rough. The theme was ADJUSTING. Liam was going through sleep regression like a boss and it was my first full month back at work. The whole month, in my opinion, was spent adjusting, re-adjusting and then adjusting some more.

As such, I didn't have much time or energy to sit and write.

But, it's a new month, and hopefully, a new season of parenting. I feel like we are finally close to turning a corner on the sleep thing, which means that we'll probably get used to about 2 weeks of a more regular sleeping pattern and then something else will pop up to derail our best laid sleep plans. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the moment. The past week or so, we've been able to limit nightly wakings to 1-2..and a couple of nights, none at all! I feel so proud of Bryan and I for coming through this horrible phase in one piece. I'll explain why a separate post devoted entirely to sleep.

I haven't been able to do any "Weekend Updates" recently, either, so thought I'd dedicate a post to some photos and small summaries of what we've been up to. The short story is: Not much!

Now that we really only get a couple of hours each day with Liam, we really cherish our weekend time, and quite honestly, have been totally fine with not doing anything. Especially due to the whole no sleep thing. We have been able to spend lots of time together as a family, but have also been able to get in a date night or two, as well as some time independently, and we were also able to spend Easter weekend at home with our families.
April 3-5

We traveled home to Iowa for the weekend and spent the weekend visiting with ALL of Liam's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. As you can imagine, Liam is a hot commodity when we go home and everyone is dying to spend time with him. We feel so lucky to have all of our family in one place, but it does make us feel like we don't get to spend quality time with everyone. In any case, complain about having too many people to see :)

Spending time with Grandpa, Great Aunt Helen, Aunt Nana, Gigi, and cousin Sloan.

Liam's Easter basket did have some classic candy (for me and Dad, of course!) but we filled it with things we knew we would need soon, in addition to things we already had. It had bowls/spoons, rice cereal, some pouches and Baby food. A book, onesie and lovey...some other random things. He loved it!

April 10-12
I have great friends and they were hellbent on throwing me a "Post Baby Bar Crawl." They made shirts that said, "Baby is here, More room for beer." and on the back "#BackOnTheBottle. (We are all in the business of content creation. Clever, right?!) The day was gorgeous and we had a blast. My hubby was kind enough to be on Liam duty all day and night! I missed my little though!

April 17-19
A typical weekend in the Farrell house these days! We just spent time snuggling and playing with Liam, and got out one night for dinner and drinks. Nothing better than a baby in a bar, right?!

April 24-26

 The weather was *trying* to get nice, so we got outside for a bit, although it was still pretty chilly. Liam also got his professional 3/4 month photos taken and they are SO CUTE. Stay tuned...

May 1-3

Last weekend, it was FINALLY nice! Eight degrees nice. We put Liam in his Derby best, and got together with friends at a neighborhood beer garden and got some Vitamin D. 
It was also so hot in our house, we jumped around naked (well, one of us did) and spent time on the porch.

So there you have lately.


  1. Postbaby bar crawl. That is, quite possibly, the best idea ever. Can't wait for a friend to have a baby and throw one!

  2. Omygoodness the sayings on the shirt-brilliant!! Fun idea.


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