Liam {4 Months Old}

Well, I've gotta be honest. The past month has been the best and the worst yet. 
The best in that during the day, you are so happy, chatty and smiley, and you are getting so big and strong. It's amazing to watch. But at night, sleep worse than a newborn, thanks to a certain 4-month sleep regression. Oy ve. You're lucky you're cute, kid!
Couldn't get a smile from you, but your expressions are equally as cute.
At your 4-month well visit, you weighed 16 lbs and 25 inches! You're in the 65th percentile for weight, 55th percentile for height, and your head is still in the 95th percentile.

Eyes: Still dark! Still uncertain if you'll have hazel or brown eyes. My vote is still hazel.

Hair: Brown and lots of it! Still sporting mullet, but it's darling. Dad calls it a rat tail.

We've heard a lot more in the past month that you look like Mommy, and I've gotta be honest: I love hearing that! Don't get me wrong, Daddy is super handsome, so if you looked like him, it would not be a bad thing either.

  • Your fist - Must be in mouth at all times
  • Your feet - You *just* discovered these guys, so I have a feeling you'll grow to like them more. You are definitely intrigued right now!
  • Blowing spit bubbles - This is your newest and most hilarious (and adorable) discovery. By the end of the day, your shirt is soaked!
  • Hearing yourself scream/squeal/talk - A close second in hilarity. You scream when you are happy, and when you're sad... You also chat, chat, chat, all time. When you're eating, when you should be sleeping, when we are changing diapers. We love it!
  • Rolling over - All of a sudden, when you were about 16 weeks, we set you on your back and you automatically roll to your tummy! You won't stay still for more than 15 seconds.
Off you go..impossible to get a picture!
  • Addy - You tune into Addy the second she comes into your eyeline. We're teaching you how to pet her and be gentle, because you also like pulling hair (mostly mom's).
  • Being outside - We were cooped up for the first few months of your life, so now, when we take you on walks, you are constantly looking around in wonder. If you are fussy, we just walk outside and you immediately stop crying. 

  • Kisses on belly - We blow on your belly while changing your diaper or clothes, and you've come so close to laughing! It always brings a smile and giggle.
  • "You are my sunshine" - I sing you this song before bedtime or when you are upset. I change the lyrics to "You are my Liam, my only Liam, you make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my Liam away!" (I cry nearly every time I get to the last line. #hormones)
  • Putting toys, books, clothes, etc. in your mouth - Everything is delicious!
  • Your jumparoo - your little legs are not quite long enough to touch the floor, so we assist with your newborn lounger. You love to jump, jump, jump!
  • The TV - This is terrible, but anytime a TV is on, you want to watch it. 
  • Sleeping in your crib - you were doing great with this until we hit the sleep regression, and now you nap in there fine, but refuse to go longer than a couple of hours at bedtime.
  • Sleeping at night - see below. 
What's sleep? :) When you were almost 15 weeks old, you started what we've learned is the 4-month-sleep regression. Basically, your little brain is going through some massive neurological change right now. At this age, your deep sleep increases as the pineal gland starts to secrete more and more melatonin, so you sleep more soundly than as a newborn. BUT you are also more ALERT at the end of each sleep cycle, like an adult. The catch is that adults know how to get themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night- most infants, like you, don't. 

So what's been happening is that you are waking up between most sleep cycles and can't get yourself back to sleep. Cue crying and cue mom and dad getting up multiple times a night to help you get back to sleep.

We've been working through it, but there have been some rough nights. We have tried what feels like 1 million solutions to get you to sleep longer. 
This is Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. 
Supposed to help with the swaddle transition. 
It has yet to work any magic.
We're giving you some more time to come through on your own, but may resort to a (limited crying) sleep training method that will get you to fall asleep without your pacifier, as that seems to be aiding this whole lack of sleep thing. You got it dude, I know it. 

Now that I'm back at work, you eat a lot more from a bottle, but I'm proud to say that you are still exclusively breastfed. I nurse you about 2-3 times a day during the week, and most of the time on the weekends. You take about three 5-7oz bottles while I'm at work, and another one before bedtime.

  • Grasping, reaching & pulling
  • Rolling in both directions
  • Almost sitting show signs of doing it, but obviously need assistance
This past month, we had a lot of change! Mom went back to work and you started "school" with your buddy, Alex, and your nanny, Diana. You're doing great and you love your new routine, as far as we can tell. For mommy, she is hating being away from you so much, but happy to be back to this new version of herself.
You and your buddy, Alex. 
  • We went home to Iowa for Easter! You loved your Easter basket full of goodies that will come in handy when you start to eat solids in the next month or two. (And stuff we already had...oops!) Full post more photos to come.
  • You're going through a sleep regression. It sucks. (see above)
Even though we've had some hard moments in the past month, with late nights, early mornings, and not seeing each other as much, you continue to be the light of your mom & dad's lives. Every moment we can spend you with you is cherished (but we'd rather those moments during the day, and not when you should be sleeping!)

Love you buddy!


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