Liam Albert: {3 Months}

How is it possible that I have a 3 month old baby!? I know I will say that every single month/year, probably until you're a grown adult. Sorry I'm not sorry, but as Mariah says, 'You'll always be my baby.'

Here's what you love and dislike these days:

We don't have a doctor's appointment until next month, so I attempted to weigh and measure you on my own. By my measures, you're about 15lbs and 24 inches (give or take a few ounces/cm). You're getting so big! You can still wear a FEW 0-3 month onesies, but your little legs are growing and so you seem more comfortable in 3-6 or 6 month stuff.
Look at those cheeks!
Still developing, but we think more and more that your eyes are going to be hazel. For now, they are just big, round, dark and beautiful!

Hair: Brown and really starting to grow more and more. You're sporting a touch of a mullet in the back.

  • You've always loved your hands, but your first has become especially interesting and seemingly delicious these days. You try your damnedest to get that whole thing in your mouth, to no avail. 
  • You love "jumping" and "standing" on our legs, or any hard surface.
  • Kicking is a blast!
  • When I lay you on the tops of my legs and bounce them or swing them, you smile and laugh instantly.
  • You love it when I sing and dance for you, probably because I look like such a fool! I make up a lot of songs, but you always calm down when I sing "You are my sunshine." (I cry nearly every time I sing this to you.)
  • Looking in the mirror is always super fun, you little narcissist, you! 
  • "Flying" with dad is a favorite pastime. 
Honestly, there's not much you don't like. But if I have to name a few:
  • You don't like waking up without a pacifier
  • You don't like being tired
  • You continue to hate being hungry. When you are hungry AND tired, it's a double whammy.
Well, you were sleeping great for a while - from about 9pm until 5am without needing a feeding. But in the past few weeks, you've been waking up closer to 2-3am wanting to eat. So, still usually only one nighttime feeding and then you go back to bed, but you've gotten in a bad habit of getting upset when you wake up and find you're without your pacifier. You go right back to sleep when we get it for you - but sometimes you spit it out over and over...and over and over...again.

You nap great - usually 1-2 hours in the morning, 2-3 hours midday and another little catnap in the late afternoon before a 9pm bedtime.

You definitely eat less frequently for the most part, going about 4-5 hours between feedings when you nurse. The few times you've been left in someone else's care for 8+ hours, you eat about 15oz. You make me work for it, that's for sure!

  • You rolled over for the first time at just 11 weeks old! I set you down for tummy time under the activity gym and walked into kitchen. When I turned around (literally 10 seconds later), you were about to roll over! I made sure you were safe while doing it the first time (you know, so as not to have you roll off the ottoman) and then I whipped out my phone to see if you'd do it again. Sure enough, you did - again, and again! You haven't done it much since that first day, but I couldn't believe you reached this milestone so early!
  • You've also got incredible head/neck and leg strength. You hold your head up so well for your age - we even tried you in the Bumbo seat the other night. You sat just fine, except for your chubby little thighs get you sorta stuck. You can also "stand" on our legs for long periods of time and you love doing that -- you're even starting to jump a little bit.
  • You've also started to grasp and grip toys. You get frustrated because you haven't figured out quite how to let go yet, but you can grab on tight!
  • You went on your first airplane ride to Seattle, Washington! We went to visit our friends Kyle & Beth, and their new little one, Griffin, who was born in October. You did great on the plane and we had a blast out there. You loved the outdoors and fresh air -- something we haven't gotten much of being cooped up this past winter.


  • You and I went on our first solo road trip! We drove to Iowa City to visit your grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles & cousins for a week while I still had some time on maternity leave. We were very busy getting you around to see all the people who love you most in this world.

You continue to be a very "easy" baby, from what I can tell. I love watching your continued growth and development, and seeing you discover the world will continue to be my greatest joy.
"You're embarrassing me, Mom!"

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  1. your blogs about Liam make me so happy. I can feel the love you have for him oozing out through your words, and I know you will never be able to describe how much you truly do. You make me so excited to be a mom some day, to have all of this to look forward to.
    We are so lucky to have Liam FINALLY in this world, in our family. He is so perfect in everyway. I miss you both every single day. love you both!


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