Liam Albert: {2 Months}

It's unbelievable that my sweet little babe is 10 weeks old! Time moved quickly prior to having a baby, but something about this new period in my life has made time move exponentially faster. (Except for those late nights where he never seems to stop nursing and I just want to go back to sleep...) :)

Liam was "officially" two months old on February 18, 2015. Here's where he's at these days in his growth and development!

At your two-month appointment, you were 13 lbs, 3 oz and 23 inches long. That puts you up another (almost) 3 lbs since your 1 month appointment and you've almost doubled your birth weight! You're in the 72nd percentile for weight, and are about average for height. Your head, while I can't remember the circumference, is 95th percentile. No wonder we needed forceps!

Eyes: Your eyes right now are hazel. They look green in some lights and brown in others, so we're anxious to see what color they end up! 

Hair: Brown! Thank goodness you've got a lot of it, because it's covering some nasty cradle cap right now.
  • Motion - whether it's your swing, your stroller, the baby carrier, the car, swaying, walking the halls, rocking or bouncing - moving is the name of the game. You somehow know if we are sitting and "moving" you, and yell at us until we get our butts off the couch and stand up!
  • Talking: You've recently found your voice and you love to chat with us all the time! You're chattiest after a good meal and good night's rest, and especially when you're on the changing table.
  • Your hands: You have been obsessed with your hands since you were in the womb. You are constantly moving your hands and arms, touching your face, touching our faces, sucking on your arms and hands. The only time your hands aren't in motion or by your face is when we swaddle them to your side (you don't love that).
  • Kicking: You're starting to figure out you have appendages from the waist down and you love to kick them! Your leg strength is also amazing and you're able to "stand" and push off our legs with our help for a couple of minutes!
  • Smiling: Oh you have the sweetest smiles, especially the ones that reach your eyes! You have Dad's left dimple and it melts my heart when you smile big enough to see it in those chubby cheeks! You smile so big at us, both when we smile at you and for no reason in particular. To die for.

You also still love bath time with Dad, you've become fond of napping, and you love sleeping with Mommy.

  • Tummy Time: We're working on it. You like it better when you have the help of a Boppy pillow.
  • Your Crib: Again...working on it. We try to have you nap in there at least once per day. You usually make it about 45 minutes before you're done and at that point, we move you back to the Rock 'N Play. 
  • Hiccups: You get them all the damn time.
  • Being Motionless: See above on your love of moving
  • First smile
  • First laugh
  • Holding head up
  • Almost rolled over!
Favorite toys
  • Swings
  • Mirrors
  • Bouncy seats
  • Activity mats - You have a couple of these and love to sit under them, looking at the lights. You also like 
  • Wubbanub - not sure if this is a toy, but you love your Wubbanubs! We have two - Giraffe and Elephant! You like having them when you are falling asleep and they are good to soothe you, but you don't "need" them all the time. 
Is getting better! When you go to bed, you sleep a good 4-6 hour stretch. After that, you still wake up at least once - sometimes for your paci, and sometimes to eat. Sometimes you like to cluster feed from about 5-7am, which makes mommy very tired and look forward to our morning nap! On the day of your 2-month appointment (shots!), you slept 8.5 hours. I look forward to when you do that all the time!

You'll sleep just about anywhere, and don't need any specific circumstances to catch some ZZZ's. We are trying to help you establish good sleep habits, and working on transitioning you into your room/crib. You're sleeping most comfortably in your Rock 'N Play and you're doing that in your room. You take about 3 solid naps per day. One in the morning after you eat, one mid-afternoon and one late afternoon. They are usually at least an hour, sometimes two or three! You take naps in your crib, but so far have only been able to last for about 45 minutes before you need to get moved into your RNP. You also sleep SUPER well in your Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing. You could stay in there all day if we let you!
You love to eat and you HATE when your meals are late or cut short. In fact, when you get super pissed, we call you LeAnn: Because you scream like a girl! :) (Parents of the Year!)

You are still eating about 8-10 times/day. You are exclusively breastfed, and take bottles, too, so other people - like Daddy - can feed you! When you have a bottle, you take 4-5 oz, and when you nurse, it can be for 20 minutes or an hour. It tends to make you sleepy and you forget what you need to do!

Other highlights/notes:

  • We went on two trips: One back home to Iowa for a week in January when you were 6 weeks old, and one to Macomb, IL to have a besties weekend with Harvey and Stetson (and their mamas, and SJ). We are going to Seattle in March!
  • Swaddling: Still figuring this out with you. You act like you hate it (see hands comment above), but once you're in and calmed down, it helps you sleep. Once you wake up though, we always find you trying to wrestle your way out of that thing and you get REAL pissed. 
  • You love European kisses - when I kiss you on one cheek, then the other, then the other.
  • You're like your dad in so many ways. Most notably: You will laugh and smile and chat with me for hours, and the second I put my phone in your face to take a photo or record, you stop. Deadpan. SO MUCH LIKE DAD! Stinker.
  • You are super expressive and always make funny faces. I take photos of them all, don't worry.
We love you so much and watching you grow & develop is our greatest pleasure!


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