To-Do List Update

We have been busy around the Farrell house! A few weeks ago, I shared a to-do list before baby joins us ...any day now! It feels crazy to type that. We had quite a few things to accomplish and I'm happy to report the following update:
  1. Paint guest bedroom. My hubby completed this one for me and once, when I was bored, I even went ahead and painted the master bedroom, too!
  2. Clean out guest bedroom closet. Another task I completed during a long weekend while going insane wondering if my husband was alive on Mt. Rainier.
  3. Move bed, dresser and crap out of guest bedroom and into a storage unitWe got ourselves a storage unit, and moved our guest bedroom furniture into it, along with a few other items that were taking up unnecessary space. It's nice to have to store some things that baby will soon grow out of, as well as grow into.
  4. Rent storage unit. See above. 
  5. Design and organize nursery. To say I'm obsessed with our nursery is an understatement! I had a definite vision when we started this project and it completely came to fruition and then some. I can't wait to share some photos with you this week!
  6. Choose and order glider. Better yet, it arrived last week, and was the last piece to our nursery to complete the room. 
  7. Call insurance company to get breast pumpI received my breast pump and accessories last week! Now just need to figure out how to use the damn thing...
  8. Purchase remaining items from registryWe are pretty much set for baby! We have some very small items to purchase (First Aid stuff, stroller and diaper bag accessories, etc.) but other than that, baby is SET! And as predicted, I did go nuts on baby clothes, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales...(sorry hubby.)
  9. Choose and book a newborn photographer. We are going with AG Gallery. I can't wait!
  10. Sign up for childbirth and childcare classes. We completed our classes in early November. It made me feel both better and worse about what's in store for labor and delivery...
  11. Figure out childcare for post-maternity leave. We know we're joining a nanny share, but unfortunately can't find a nanny until I'm actually on leave, since many women are looking for a job now, not in March. 
  12. Plan babymoon! We even went on our babymoon! Read all about it.
  13. Choose name for baby. Chosen. And here's the post I promised how hard it is to pick a name.
  14. Tour Labor & Delivery unit at hospitalDone during our childbirth classes!
  15. Pack hospital bags. Baby's bag is packed, and my stuff is in a pile laid out. Much of the stuff I need I will use up to the day, but I'm mostly ready to go!
  16. Pick a birth announcement. I have picked a few of my favorite templates. All that's left is filling in his birth details and photos!
  17. Choose a pediatrician. We chose our pediatrician based on our OB's recommendation. He is someone in our practice and is highly recommended. He's even the author of a well-known baby book! 
  18. Get car seat installation checkedPeople have made fun of me for this, but yes, I got the seat checked after it was installed. Can't put a price on peace of mind!
  19. Purchase a baby book. Done! I got one from The Sweet Rhino and it's perfect.
  20. Purchase additional life insuranceWe actually opted not to do this based on the extra cost. It was more than we anticipated.
  21. Contact insurance company to determine out-of-pocket costs. Still need to do this, but there are some other factors at play now, which I can't quite get into...
  22. Register car seat and strollerAll major products have been registered in case of emergency or recall.
  23. Get 3D/4D UltraoundWe did this a few weeks ago and it was amazing! It was SO crazy to see our little boy in 3D. He is adorable and I can't wait to see him in "real life."
  24. Finalize maternity-leave plan. In progress...this is my biggest source of stress right now.
  25. Save moneyWe had a goal and we met that goal. Now we just have to keep saving!
  26. Cook and freeze meals. Yeah, not much progress here. That's what mom will be here for, right?
  27. Create "baby's here!" contact list (phone and mail)I've updated my address list so as to know who to mail birth announcements to, and I have a list of who to text and call when the big day gets here.
  28. Find/create storage solutions for baby, mom and dad. I got some super cute storage stuff for baby and husband and I were able to clear out a lot of crap in the process of moving stuff into storage. Hallelujah!
  29. Buy winter coat for pre- and post-babyGot one from Old Navy that just barely zips over my big belly, but it will have to do.
  30. Figure out how to take care of newborn baby. Pretty sure this won't get checked off, but at least we know the basics!
So there we have it. All of the major stuff is done, except for the whole child care, maternity leave and insurance deals. Other than that, I think we are physically ready for baby. Now if I can just get a handle on my mental game, we'd be good to go...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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