Liam: Newborn Photos

So, this post is obviously 3+ months late, but hey, I've been busy. Now that I'm back to work (more on that later) and I'm actually sitting at a computer all day, I've got more time (like when I'm pumping and during lunch) where I can spend a few minutes on the blog each day, so I'm playing catch up.

Liam was supposed to get his newborn photos taken a few days after he was born, but since we had complications, we had to push the session back. I was really bummed, because I so wanted some professional photos to capture his complete "newness" at just a few days after birth. Thankfully, most hospitals have a professional photo service, Bella Baby, and they will take photos for you in your hospital room! It's so easy, convenient and relatively cost-effective to just get the digital images (what we opted for).

Liam was never a super sleepy newborn, so he is wide awake in most of these photos, but I love that, because while we didn't know it then, that's just who is - alert and interested in the world around him! I've said a million times that his hands have always been front and center since day one - love that that is captured in these photos, too.

While we did get other professional newborn photos done at three weeks old, it's crazy how different he is in these "brand new" photos compared to just three weeks. Babies change literally every single day and I'm thankful we have these beautiful photos to capture those first days with our babe, even if they were in the NICU. 

I'll post his three-week photos soon, too!


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