Week 35 || Bumpdate


Baby's size: A coconut. All of the apps have him at different sizes, but he's likely somewhere between 17-20 inches long and around 5.5 lbs. 

Baby's progress: All of his major systems are a go! At this point, his brain continues to develop, but his hearing is good, his liver is producing waste and his lungs are prepping to breathe on their own. From here on out, he'll basically just keep packing on the pounds with his mama!

Weight gain: 40 lbs 

Sleep: Comes and goes. Still taking Unisom pretty regularly. Waking much more frequently for bathroom breaks and having difficulty getting comfortable.

Movement: He is still very active in there, even though he's supposed to be slowing down in there since he's running out of room. Doesn't seem to stop him!
This week's chalkboard picture doesn't show how truly BIG my belly is.

Best moment this week: Finishing our nursery (pretty much)! We are hanging some DIY bookshelves this weekend, a new ceiling fan, and our glider is due to arrive any day. But last weekend we organized the dresser and closet and we hung things on the walls. Can't wait for the reveal...if anyone cares :) We also had our FINAL baby celebration, which was brunch with my friends and ex-co-workers. Loved seeing them and catching up!

Looking forward to: Our glider getting here. And another weekend at home where we can cross more things off the to-do list! I'm also looking forward to going to the doctor next week, if you can believe it. I want to see if I've started making any progress down there! Oh, and Thanksgiving is next week. 

Symptoms: My hands are starting to really cause me a lot of pain. It hurts to type at work every day, or even make a fist. Going to see if the doctor can prescribe some anti-inflammatory or something.

Workouts: Still working to get at least 30 minutes of activity every day, either through walking or going to the gym.Sometimes baby has other ideas and when that happens, I listen and just relax. 

What I miss: Going #2 regularly. How's that for real talk? Lots of things happen inside when you're preggo, One of which is your internal organs get smushed - for example, the lungs and intestines. So, going to the bathroom becomes infrequent, which can be very uncomfortable at times. So there's that. You're welcome, and I'm sorry (but not really?).

34 weeks

Things that suck: Achey joints are still not cool. The cold weather seems to make them worse.  

Things that don't suck: Knowing that in 30 days (+/- a few), we will get to meet our sweet boy, kiss his face and snuggle his little body. And knowing that all of these aches and pains and discomfort will have been worth it!

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  1. Start a stool softener now! Im dead serious. If you think it's painful now - wait until you push that baby out - then try to shit. It's worse than contractions. But honestly buy.them.now. :)


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