Week 33 || Bumpdate

Forgot to change the week, but it's 33...

Baby's size: a honeydew melon. The Bump says he's about 4.2 to 5.8 lbs and measuring 17-18.5 inches. AND, he could grow up to a full inch this week! Not sure where that's going to go...

Baby's progress: He's keeping his eyes open while awake and starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. His bones are hardening and his little brain is continuing to have some major developments!

Weight gain: 37 lbs so far. Just keeps going up...

Sleep: Better. I've been taking Unisom, which has helped, and when I don't take it, I've still been sleeping OK, just not as great. The newest sleep issue is that I found out I am sleeping with my hands clenched, so when I wake up, my carpal tunnel is extra bad and my wrists hurt.

Movement: Like a boss. Little dude is busy. My stomach is frequently lopsided because he's in some weird position and one body part is sticking out at a strange angle. Today for example, he was completely horizonal in my tummy and my belly looked WEIRD.

Best moment this week: We've had a few in the past couple of weeks! First, we saw our sweet babe in 3D last week and he is so adorable! He has hair and he looks like my husband - which is great, considering how good looking he is. I'll do a post dedicated to this appointment soon. We also had a family baby shower this past weekend in Iowa. I can't explain what a wonderful feeling it is to know someone who isn't even here yet is so loved. We got many of our essentials and I'm feeling ready for baby to get here! And, our nursery furniture arrived! Now, let's get organized.

Looking forward to: Organizing the nursery, our glider getting delivered and going through all gifts so far to determine what we are keeping, exchanging and have yet to buy. Also very much looking forward to going to Florida this weekend for a friend's wedding where Bryan is the best man! Relaxing in the sun will not suck, but I am having a *little* anxiety at traveling at 34 weeks pregnant.

Symptoms: Well, let's see. I'm exhausted. I'm swollen. I can't breathe due to my diaphragm/lungs being sat on/squashed, and my nose is stuffed due to swelling. My carpal tunnel is getting progressively worse. I can't seem to stop gaining weight. My feet hurt all the time. I'll stop there...

Workouts: Doing my best to get at least 30 minutes of activity every day, either through walking or going to the gym. Because baby is sitting on my diaphragm, breathing is not the easiest task these days.

What I miss: Not complaining. I feel like every day is something new. 

Things that suck: Feeling like an 80-year-old woman. My joints ache all the time, I feel like I have dementia and I also think I smell all the time. Oh yeah, and I pee myself sometimes. 

Things that don't suck: Being only 40-some days away from meeting our sweet baby! Having the many items to be able to really get started on organizing the nursery. And we started our labor and delivery classes, which is helping to ease some anxieties about birth!


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