Booze & Baby Q's: A Baby Shower to Beat

Well, somehow it's Wednesday and I'm only now writing a weekend update. Nevermind that the upcoming weekend is right around the corner. In any case, there was too much goodness to just skip over it, so...onward!

We traveled home for our third (and final) baby shower, hosted by my SIL, MIL and sister. Yes, I realize how lucky we are to have so many people who love our baby enough to shower him (and us!). It was nice bonus that we scheduled it for a weekend when it was Halloween and a home football game.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but obviously, this year was a little different. Normally, we would have dressed up and gotten hammered at the bars with the young kids, or more realistically, gone to a house party of sorts. But, given our current situation, we were limited to trick or treating with our nieces, which was just fine with me!

Sloan and Emily, my cousin's daughter, went trick or treating as the adults pulled them in wagons around the neighborhood, drinking adult beverages to keep warm (everyone but me, of course). Sloan was Anna (from Frozen, duh) and Emily was a strawberry! Sloan was adorable and held my hand the whole night, bringing me up to the door with her as she bravely yelled, "Trick or Treat!", took 3-4 pieces of candy at each house (not including one for Emily) and politely thanked each house. Rockstar. Crazy to think that next year, we'll have our own little pumpkin to take out for treats!

We were up early on Saturday morning to tailgate in TWENTY DEGREE WEATHER for the Iowa vs Northwestern game. How is it possible that only a few short years ago, we were getting home from the bars at 2am, going to tailgate at 6am, drunk again by 8am and nearly blacked out come the 11am kick off? Ah, the good old days.

Anyway, we tailgated for a bit and then went to a bar to watch the game and get some food before heading home. Those who could actually tailgate "took naps," (ahem, passed out) while I went to Hobby Lobby to look for some nursery finds. Can't wait to share our nursery when it's done! Saturday night was family dinner with my side of the family to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday.

Sunday was the big day of the baby shower! The theme was "Baby Q." My brother-in-law, who is an amazing cook/griller, smoked pulled pork and made brisket baked beans for the party. We showed up at my sister-in-laws and I could not believe my eyes!

Cutest invites ever in our nursery colors!

She had the whole house decked out in decor and details for little man. There was a table in the front hall featuring diaper motorcycles, baby photos of Bryan and I, and diapers for our guests to write messages on. We'll look forward to reading them at 3am when the baby has a blowout!


In the kitchen, she had an ENTIRE dessert table with brownies, sixlets, suckers and cupcakes, all adorned in blue, green and silver. For food, we had pulled pork, brisket beans, party potatoes, fruit, veggies and chips, and there was no shortage of beer, champagne and bloody mary's for the guests.


It was really unbelievable. I can't explain to you how full it makes my heart to know how much our baby is already loved, and that every is as excited as we are for him to arrive. He is SPOILED! We got so many amazing gifts, and we crossed several "essentials" off the list, which was awesome.
Last preggo pic with my bestie. She's due on Sunday!

Perhaps one of the most touching gifts was from Bryan's parents, who gave us a copy of the first book Bryan ever learned to read. They included a letter to Baby Boy, which I could not and still haven't read, because I know I will cry my eyes out.

It was a couples shower, so we had nearly all of our family who lives in the area there, and we spent the day eating, opening gifts, watching football and just enjoying each other.

We really can't thank our friends and family enough for all they have done for us, and the baby, already. We know there will be so many more moments to share with everyone, but it truly is a humbling experience to be so spoiled. We are so grateful.

how adorable is my nephew?!

Tomorrow, we head to Florida for Bryan's best friend's wedding, and I'm looking forward to our LAST trip as just the two of us. Before I go, I'll post my 33-week bumpdate!



  1. love the booze and bbq themed shower! so cute!

  2. Oh wow all of this is so awesome in so many ways - but the best is your incredible family! What fantastic memories!


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