Week 29 || Bumpdate

It's been a few weeks since I've given a bumpdate, and my how we've grown!

Week 27                                                 Week 28
How far along: 29 weeks

Baby's size: An acorn squash. He be between 15.5-16.5 inches and weighing 2.9 lbs! Crazy to think he'll triple in weight in the next 10 weeks!

Baby's progress: He will only grow a few more inches while he's in there, but it's getting to be tight quarters for us both. Small kicks and jabs are starting to feel more intense and painful. He's also fattening up and has more energy as a result!

Weight gain: I've gained 33 lbs so far. I lost a pound at last week's check up, which is GREAT considering the last time I was at the doctor, I had put on 13! I've decided if I can keep my gain to 40lbs, I'll be happy.

Sleep: Still good. I'm waiting for the day (er, night) everyone keeps warning me about when I can't sleep, but for now, I'm enjoying the 8+ hours a night!

Movement: Our son is SO active. You can even see him on the outside of my belly now. Thankfully, he's on my schedule. He wakes up with me and goes to bed with me, and all the hours in between, he spends kicking, rolling, punching and doing Lord knows what else in there. I hope his behavior inside the womb mimics what he'll be like on the outside!

Best moment this week: I'll go with best moments in the past weeks since I haven't updated you. We went on our babymoon, which I have yet to blog about, but will, I promise. It was fabulous! Bryan also felt him kick for the first time on said babymoon, and it was wonderful to see his expression! He loves now to put his hand on my belly and see what's shakin'. Another great moment was my baby sister's wedding (also TBB -- to be blogged). It was one of the first times in a long time I've felt beautiful as a preggo. Finally, we had our first baby shower a few weeks ago, which was a blast. Three more to go!

Looking forward to: More baby showers! We are lucky enough to have showers next weekend, the last weekend of the month and in mid-November. We are so grateful. Also looking forward to a psychic reading about the baby!

Labor signs: No, thank goodness.

Symptoms: Continued carpal tunnel in my left hand only. Lately my belly has felt like it weighs 100 lbs, and I've also been experiencing tiredness...like first-trimester exhaustion. Most days my energy is OK, but when I'm tired, I'm TIRED.

Food aversions: Had my first one last week...EGGPLANT. YUCK. 

Workouts: Still making it as often as I can, about 3 times a week. Taking Addy for long walks on the side, but I am for 30 minutes of activity a day.

What I miss: Given the season, I miss being able to easily slide boots over my legs. Thanks to swelling, it is now a gargantuan task to get boots on and off. I also miss seasonal craft beer. My occasional glass of red wine is nice, but I do miss the yummy seasonal beers!

Things that suck: Being swollen. I hate being swollen, pregnant or not and it's been constant for about, 29 weeks now...

Things that don't suck: Being in the third trimester! It's so crazy that in about 10 weeks, give or take, we'll have a son in our arms. AMAZING!


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