Gender Reveal Details

It has been 8+ weeks since we found out we are having a little boy! We are still as excited as we were that first day.

We went back and forth on how to do the gender reveal. I wanted to find out with our entire family and friends at a big party; Bryan wanted to find out at the doctor's office. What to do?

Eventually, we compromised. We decided that we would find out, just the two of us, before our friends and family. And that we wouldn't find out at the doctor's office; we would have the technician put the results in an envelope and we'd open them at a nice dinner, then do something fun to reveal to our families and friends.

Bryan and I found out on a Tuesday and that Friday, we were headed home for the weekend and gathered the family for a "gender reveal." We wanted to do something fun and that we hadn't seen all over Pinterest. (I offered several of those ideas to my husband and he was not interested.)

It's no secret that I love champagne, so I thought it'd be fun to use it as a prop for our reveal. Rose if it was a girl and champagne + a couple drops of blue food coloring if it was a boy. Bryan then had the good idea of making a champagne tower. Done and done.

We asked our families to wear a pink or a blue shirt to show their gender guess. I was shocked at how many people ended up wearing blue! We had leis there for people, too, in case they didn't have something blue or pink in their wardrobe. My mom's boyfriend was also kind enough to bring us some balloons, which added the perfect touch.

After setting up the towers, Bryan and I took our champs away, added a small amount of blue food coloring and wrapped them in towels so no one could try and guess by looking through the bottle. We gathered the family on the porch and explained how it would work: If the champagne was pink, it was a girl and if it was blue, it was a boy. To which my dad responded, "Wait a minute, there's no blue champagne."

We'll see, Dad.

I was so nervous to start pouring. Or maybe excited is a better word. Either way, the minute blue champagne started pouring out of our bottles, everyone just exploded in screams of excitement!

Then we had a champagne toast for our little man! It was a wonderful celebration and I couldn't be happier with the whole evening. Check out the video (sorry it's poor quality)

You can do it too. You'll need: 

  • Two trays to hold the tower and catch any overflow. I chose pink and blue from Party City. 
  • 32 of those cheap little plastic champagne flutes. Set up 16 glasses on each tray, making sure the fountains were sturdy. (But more or less depending on your crowd.)
  • 2 bottles of champagne 
  • Food coloring (if a boy). A little food coloring went a long way, so just add a drop or two,
All you do is set up the tower, and pop the bubbly! Easy peasy. 



  1. Looks like a great moment! Lovely idea with the champagne - so different!
    Congrats on being a boy mom :)

  2. What an amazing idea! I love it!! My sister-in-law and brother just had their reveal, too. Pink icing inside a cake the baker made without them knowing the gender. It was fun because both sides of the family were either in person or face-timing so we could all be part of it, even from far away!!

  3. I love your reveal idea!! So unique and fun.


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