Baby Farrell's Psychic Reading

OK, so I can't believe it has taken me so long to write this post. Better late than never, right?

A couple of months ago, I was approached by a young lady whose client was offering a free reading with a health and wellness psychic--meaning I could ask any pregnancy or mom-related question I wanted! Of course, I was more than happy to oblige. For starters, I totally believe in psychics. And furthermore, it was free entertainment, true or not.

I spoke with Kristine, who first explained how she reads. She uses a pendulum and asks her spirit direct questions. I heard her ask each question to her spirit and then she would relay the answers to me. We started with the baby and talked about gender (she confirmed it's a boy!) and his personality before moving on to some labor details and more about the parenting side of things.

Without further adieu, here's what I found out about our amazing little man and what's (possibly) ahead.

What kind of personality will our baby boy have?
He looks like a little leader, that’s for sure. I see a lot of yellow colors around his aura.

The baby is a perfect combination of the two of you, but very different. This is an independent child. He’s not going to be super clingy, like “Mommy, mommy.” A lot of times, people with this yellow aura, they’re very logical and they over-think things. This child is not going to be one to just sit in the corner. He'll be the one telling everyone to follow him around the playground. You’re not going to have to worry about him; he’s very strong. He's not going to be the kind of kid who gets picked on, he’ll be able to handle himself.

I see someone who might bottle up his feelings, so you might have to coerce him to talk about stuff sometimes. He’s very strong willed and his strength isn't with intuition and sensitivities, he’s more logical and science-brained. He'll probably do really good in science and math.

I see is someone who’s really funny, charismatic and persuasive. He’ll be kind of like the life of the party, cracking jokes and being funny.

Will I have the baby early or late?
I actually think you might be a little early! You'll be pretty close to the due date, about 2.5 days early. I’d say around December 16 your little guy will be born.

How long will I be in labor?
Looks like about 14 hours, which is kind of long, but actually pretty average for a first child. I think it will be a full two hours of pushing, almost 2.5 hours. I don't see you needing pitocin or anything to progress your labor. He will be around 7 pounds. I don’t see anything weird happening where you’ll have to have a C-section.

Will I be able to breastfeed easily?
It will be a struggle at first. I’m getting that it will be fine, but it’s not a strong yes. It's going to take some time for him to figure out how to latch on.

Will he be a good sleeper?
I don’t think he’s going to be that great of a sleeper. It’s barely a yes, so it might be a challenge for you. The sleeping patterns will be challenging, so you might have to pull out some tricks to get him to sleep. He’s got this personality where he doesn't want to miss out on anything. He’s very aware and observant and he wants to see what’s going on, so he won't want to sleep. He’s just an active baby.

What will our family dynamic be like?
He takes after mommy more than daddy from what I can see. He’s very strong willed, he’s not going to be super easy-going like Dad. He’s more strong willed, like you. You wear the pants in the family.

You and the baby might butt heads sometimes, because you’re both very strong willed. Bryan will calm both of you down. Bryan is more laid back, so he’ll help calm this child down, they’ll be very good for each other. Very balancing.

You’re going to be a little bit of a worrier and your husband is going to be super chill. He’s super thoughtful and he’ll be a very attentive dad, but he’s way more laid back than you. You tend to obsess, so it’s hard for you be laid back because you worry. Bryan is going to calm both of you guys down. He’s the calming, grounding energy in your family.

How will his health be?
Good and normal. No allergies or weird tendencies.

Will I struggle with Post-Partum Depression?
You’re going to have a lack of sleep, but I don’t see depression being the case with you.

How will I be as a mom?
Oh, you’re gonna be an awesome mom. You’re very nurturing. I can see in your aura, you've got a lot of green, so you’re very grounded and very reliable – you've got great Mama Bear energy. I think you’re going to love being a mom. You’re kind of like a healer. You’re here to help people and serve people. You’re going to be a natural mom, seriously.

You love helping people, so it’s going to give you a lot of purpose in your life. You’re a good judge of people, like you can go in a room and think, 'I’m not sure about that person' and you’re usually right. You can read people really well. This kid isn't going to be able to pull crap on you. You’re like the mom that kids are like, “How does she know what I’m up to?” You’re going to be really good in that way. You're very in tune and you have a strong mama’s intuition.

How will having a baby affect our marriage?
You give your partner a lot of inner strength and confidence. You really balance each other well, you’re perfect for each other. So it’s good you’re having a baby together.

Having a baby will bring you closer together. Sleeping is going to be hard for you guys for a little while, but this baby is going to be the glue between you guys. I don’t see any issues there.

Are we going to have any more children? 
I see another one. I’m getting the number two. It looks like they’re going to be about three years apart. A boy and a girl!

And that was our reading! I take it all with a grain of salt, for sure. I liked that she didn't just give me a rosy outlook. She was very honest about some of the challenges, like sleep or breastfeeding. Sure, sleeping and breastfeeding are challenging for nearly every new parent, but now that I have this "foresight," I can better prepare myself. Truth be told, I have been expecting the baby to be a great sleeper because he does it so well in my tummy right now! At least when I need him to.

The one thing I really want to be true? When he arrives! I'll make sure to do an update and let you guys know how accurate Kristine was. Either way, I had fun.

One more interesting fact about Kristine. She let me know she's not a visual psychic, but that she's really good with numbers and timelines, (Hence, the specifics on number of hours I'd be in labor, etc.) She has found 9 missing people within 250-500 feet of where they were found. She'll also be on a TV series coming out called, "Pounding the Ground," where she helps federal agents find missing people.

What do you guys think? Do you believe in psychics?


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