4 Favorite Fall Looks

I love me some fall. Not only because of the cooler temperatures, pretty leaves or Pumpkin-scented/flavored EVERYTHING, but because personally, I think it's when the cutest clothes make their debut.

My favorite go-to outfit in the fall is a sweater, skinny jeans and some boots. Throw in a scarf for good measure. My second favorite outfit is a sweatshirt and jeans, but I usually leave that for football Saturday/Sundays.

Thankfully, being preggo hasn't affected my fall style too much. In fact, I am loving the options I have. Sure, it was nice to live in maxis skirts and sundresses this summer, but if you ask me, there is nothing cuter (or more cozy) than comfy leggings, a fitted shirt and flowy cardigan sweater to show off your growing bump. Open workshirts/flannels and vests are also favorite great go-tos. For dressier occasions, rock a cute dress with boots and a scarf. Done and done.

Below are some of my favorite fall looks, non of which are maternity, but could be, and all are adorable!


My Style

Ain't that Rosy

Game Day

The Daily Tay Blogtober14


  1. Loved all these outfits but especially the first one - layering is one of my favorite things about Fall because it leads to so many options! Saw in your sidebar that you live in Chicago, I live here too - always cool to see other bloggers from the city!


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