Weekend Update: A "LABOR" of Love

No, I did not go into labor this weekend, thank God. But I very well could have, what with how I occupied my time while simultaneously being a complete ball of nerves while my husband climbed Mt. Rainier.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, first and foremost - It's SEPTEMBER and I'm not sure where or when or how that happened, but this is officially my favorite month. Not only is it my birthday month (on the 28th, mark your calendars!), Fall begins (my favorite season), college football starts (Go Hawks!) and Fantasy Football/NFL football starts (Go Pack Go). Hot coffee is back in style. Boots and leggings are on regular rotation. THE BEST.

This year, September also has new meaning because now I can say that in just three short months, we will be a family of THREE, which is crazy to me. This pregnancy has seriously gone by so fast, and I can't believe I'll be 25 weeks along on Friday. Anyway, back to my weekend.

So, my ever-adventurous and thrill-seeking husband signed up several months ago (before we were expecting) to climb Mt. Rainier with a couple of his buddies this past weekend. No, he has never climbed a mountain before. Yes, I was scared. A group freaking died on Mt. Rainier just a few months ago, and I have no interest in becoming a single mom or widow any time soon! Thankfully, he and the group made it up the mountain and back down in one piece, and I'm super proud of him for this amazing accomplishment (just don't do it again, honey).
Needless to say, while he was gone, I felt anxious and knew I had to keep myself busy to keep my mind off things. And what better activity to keep me busy than to get ready for baby? Friday night, I went to Pottery Barn Kids and picked up some curtains for the nursery (and scanned a few more items while I was at it!) I also hit up Buy Buy Baby to pick out a glider. After much debate, I decided I needed Bryan to help me make a decision, but here are the two we are looking at.

They are pretty similar, and I think I'm more drawn to the modern look of the one on the left, but the one on the right is a bit more fluffy and comfy. The bigger decision here is which fabric? We have light gray walls and white furniture. So do I go with the tweed/gray color and hope it doesn't blend too much, or go with the Raffia Cloud and make it pop with pillows and blankets? Would love your input!

The top two are my faves and the right is our paint color. Stonington Gray. 

Saturday, I woke up and thought it would be a good idea to paint our master bedroom. I told you that I'm obsessed with the paint color for the nursery, and we had a bunch leftover, so I thought, why not? Never mind the fact that I'm pregnant and should not be inhaling paint fumes, climbing ladders or moving furniture. I went ahead and taped off the whole bedroom, which took SO much longer than I thought (doesn't it always? This is the story of painting). By the time I was done, I had to shower and head to Aurora to watch one of my close friends tie the knot!

The wedding was at Two Brothers Brewery and was a total blast. I got to see all of my former co-workers that I worked with at Imagination and we always have a great time together. As I told the bride, it's tough to have sober fun at a wedding, but I truly did at her wedding and could even be found on the dance floor for much of the night! I didn't get home until after 1am, so I snuggled in to rest up for my day of painting on Sunday.
Rest I did - I slept until 11am! This mama was tired. Not wanting to waste the day, I ordered brunch from my favorite place (#lazy), picked up a couple of movies from RedBox and got to work on the bedroom. One quarter of the first wall in and I immediately regretted my decision. We only had a roller, with a short handle, which meant a lot of climbing up and down the ladder to reach the high spots. I also had to press the roller really hard onto the wall to ensure I didn't have any spots.
SEVEN HOURS LATER...the room was done. And holy hell, I was spent. My back ached like nothing I have felt ever before. My hands were bruised from pressing that damn roller into the wall. My feet hurt from standing all GD day and my legs were swollen from climbing up and down. I had a headache from the paint fumes. It was horrible. BUT the room looked great.

Seriously though, I realize how dumb it was of me to paint a freaking bedroom when I'm 24 weeks pregnant and no one was there to supervise or help if something happened. More importantly, I learned that I need to listen to my body and that I can't physically exert myself the way I did pre-pregnancy. Lesson learned, loud and clear.

Not great after shots..oh well. How annoying is that crooked lampshade?

Since painting took me all day on Sunday, I left my last project for Monday and spent the night laid up on the couch, watching Divergent. (Haven't read those books, but really liked the movie!) Monday morning, I woke up sore, yet rested and ready to tackle my final weekend project: The closets.

We have a master bedroom closet and another closet in the guest bedroom (soon-to-be nursery). Until recently, half of my wardrobe was in one closet and half was in the other. Mainly, I kept the opposite season's clothes in the other bedroom, along with my 50+ dresses for every season, and would switch out accordingly. Obviously, with little man on the way, I had to make room for him. And given that I can't fit into anything in either closet, it was time to pack it up and move things out.

So, I went to the Container Store (anyone else freaking LOVE the Container Store?) and stocked up on under-the-bed storage and some closet organization devices to help the process. I started in my bedroom and took inventory of all the clothes I wear currently and/or clothes I assumed I'd still be able to wear pregnant. This was a sad day for me, friends.

Pretty much, the only things I was able to keep in my closet were maternity shirts, maternity jeans, drawstring pants, maxi skirts and cardigans. That's it. Even my flowey blouses and tank tops don't fit, thanks to my ginormous pregnant boobs and growing hips and belly. The joys.

The good part about this was I made a TON of space for new clothes to move in. After I got done in the main closet, I moved everything out of the second bedroom and did the same thing. What I ended up with was clothes to put in my closet that I can wear currently will be able to wear through the rest of my pregnancy. And the rest, I organized into piles: Summer & Spring 2015 (cuz ain't no chance I'll be able to wear it before then) and post-pregnancy clothes. So, clothes that I can't fit into now, but will likely (hopefully) be able to wear in the winter after I have little man.  I folded and packed all of these clothes into my handy storage bins and voila! With the exception of my wedding dress, I have made room for Baby F's clothes.

Speaking of, I washed all those, too. I received a BOXLOAD of newborn outfits from my sister-in-law that my nephew never wore, and I've done a little purchasing of my own. So into the washer they went and now, all that's left is hanging those adorable little outfits!

By the time I finished this task, my hubby walked through the door safe and sound, and we grabbed a bite to eat before concluding the weekend snuggled up at home.

And that my friends, was my labor-filled, Labor Day weekend. Crossing so much off my list was worth the backache.

What'd everyone else do?

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  1. what a productive weekend!! You got a ton accomplished. And way to go for your husband! So cool :) glad he and all of friends got home safe and sound.


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