Weekend Recap: Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Mondays are much easier when you've just had wonderful weekend. (Or does that make them harder?) Either way, the point is that I had such a great weekend! A great weekend, of which I took zero photos...

(That's my way of apologizing for a lot of words...)

I went home to Iowa for the weekend because my best girl friends threw Baby Farrell (and his friends) his first baby shower! As you know, my best friends, Brittany and Sara, are also pregnant with boys! Unbelievable, right? The rest of our "group," almost all of whom are mommies themselves, threw a joint shower in our honor.

First, let me tell you about the rest of the weekend. since I don't have photos, I'll give you the highlights.

Basically, I spent the weekend catching with friends and family, and playing anything and everything you can imagine centered around "Frozen." Sloan was all too excited to show me all of her birthday gifts from the weekend before.

I stayed up until wee hours of the morning laughing with Britt and Sara as we compared pregnancy symptoms, bellies, boobs and stories. Then, the most amazing thing happened. I was laying in bed trying to sleep and had the most amazing experience. You know how people say you can sometimes see limbs through your belly? So I'm lying in bed, on my left side, and all of the sudden on my right side, I could feel the baby's ENTIRE body, from head to toe, and I could pick out every limb. It was CRAZY! I desperately wanted to turn on the lights to see if  I could see an outline, but was just so amazed and enthralled that I laid there for 30 minutes patting his little butt and talking to him while he danced. :)

Saturday morning, Britt and I got coffee and breakfast from Starbucks and went to visit Sara and her parents. We've all been best friends for about 18 years, so it's always a pleasure to catch up with her family. Next, we headed to my Dad's house to watch the Hawkeyes with him and my stepmom. I never get to spend enough time with them when we're back, so it was nice to just relax and catch up with the whole family. That night, girlfriends and I all went to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, where we were able to enjoy a beautiful night dining al fresco by a firepit! To end a great Saturday, I went to my mom's house and hung out with her and her boyfriend for a couple of hours before I FINALLY went home to crash. 

I could barely sleep I was so excited for Sunday! As I mentioned, it was my first baby shower. Talk about making things real! Something about getting car seats, strollers and diapers to make reality really sink in! 
Sara (25 weeks), Me (27 weeks), Britt (33 weeks).
Yes, we wore matching dresses. Find it here: http://tgt.biz/1uE0A3V

I mentioned my girlfriends are all moms too, so we've thrown many a baby shower. They were so sweet to want to do something different. The theme of the shower was "Rock a Bye Baby" and for food, they had Olive Garden cater soups, plus some sandwiches and of course, dessert: Blue Chocolate covered pretzels, brownies and blue rice crispy treats. (I was too busy saying hello to my guests to take any photos. dang it.)
My beautiful friends!

After we ate, we played a couple of games that everyone got a kick out of and then we got to the gifts!

To say Baby Farrell is spoiled would be an understatement. We got so many of our "bigger" items from our families and friends. We got our stroller, car seat, play yard + bassinet, two swings for baby, plus tons of swaddles, clothes, blankets, burp clothes...you name it! 
Not pictured: our "big" stuff

Generous doesn't begin to explain and grateful doesn't express how I felt. It was really the best day just being with my best friends and their moms, plus my family. And of course my two best friends. 
My MIL, SIL and nephew

My mama and my sisters

And that's our weekend! We are so busy in the coming weeks, We head to NYC this weekend for my birthday/our babymoon. Week after is litte sister's wedding. Week after that: NOLA (another wedding). One week home, plus another back in Iowa and one in Florida and that's mid November. I feel like I'm going to blink and we'll be having a baby!

What'd you do this weekend?


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