Week 24 || Bumpdate

Looking a little rough around the edges. 
I had been sleeping on the couch for 2 hours prior to this photo.

How far along: 24 weeks (Technically 25 today..I'm late posting this)

Baby's size: We are an ear of corn this week! He's about 1.5 lbs and almost a foot long already!

Baby's progress: His body is starting to fill out proportionally, but is still pretty skinny right now. His brain is still (always) growing and developing, and his taste buds continue to develop. His lungs are developing their branches, too. His skin is still translucent, but that changes soon. He's putting on weight like crazy!

Weight gain: Unknown. My scale broke (probably due to my weight) but I'm guessing 25ish lbs? Will find out at next week's appointment...

Stretch marks: All clear.

Sleep: All good in the hood. Wish I could say the same for my husband.

Gender: I think we've established I've got a penis inside me.

Movement: Little dude has been on the move this week. But it's mostly been during the day, so that's good. At least he's not waking me up at night. He made his way under my rib cage yesterday, which was SUPER weird and uncomfortable. Go ahead and float back down any time! 

Best moment this week: Little man Farrell was hiccuping today! Either that, or jumping up and down. It was hilarious and so cute!

Looking forward to:  Our babymoon! We were going to go somewhere tropical, but decided to save the money and head to NYC instead! We're going the last weekend of September (my birthday weekend!) and I can't wait! It's a foodie/pregnant woman's dream! Also excited about seeing fellow preggo Carrie Underwood this weekend at Ravinia with my other fellow pregnant friends! (Minus a couple.)

Labor signs: Nada! Keep cookin' in there, buddy!

Symptoms: Backaches...leg cramps...swelling...exhaustion (I'm talking first trimester tired). Ooof.

Workouts: Just once, unless you count my painting and dancing this past weekend! 

What I miss: I'm gonna go with not feeling like my back is breaking in half. I also actually really miss craft beer. I've indulged in Non-Alcoholic beers this summer, but would really just love a beer that has FLAVOR!

Things that suck: I've begun the swelling phase of pregnancy, which is a real downer, to put it kindly. It also sucks when you can't find relief for your aching back!

Things that don't suck: Feeling little man be so active! He loves to kick, punch, jump, hiccup and stretch.


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