Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

I didn't get to share the news yet, but I got a new job! I actually started the last week of August. Fortunately, I had a few offers on the table at the end of the summer, each one more different than the next. I'm happy to say I chose a position that was completely out of my comfort zone, less than the salary I was seeking and not located downtown.

I'm happy to report I started working at a non-profit adoption agency as a Digital Marketing Manager. The work is right up my alley in terms of what I've done before, but I'm also learning new skills, like SEO. And it's feel-good work. I love knowing that I'm not working for an organization that is driven by money, but by helping families and children. I've been here a few weeks and am happy as a clam.

That said, getting back into the "real world" after a summer off has been an adjustment! It's amazing how much more tired I get with having to commute and use my brain! (Hehe). I wouldn't have it any other way though, and all the stress that came with not having a job at this time in our lives is slowly melting away.

I'm not going to do a bumpdate this week, only because not much has changed from last week. That and I just look hideous in my most recent bump photo (you can see it on Instagram if you really want).

So this Friday, I thought I'd do a non-pregnancy related post, since I feel like that's all I talk about anymore, and share with you some of my favorite things currently (and always):

Fall Faves

Fall Faves by rzupek featuring Essie

Gap top

Wedge ankle boots

Burts Bees beauty product
$23 -

Essie nail polish


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