Week 23 || Bumpdate

my hubby is gone so i had to take a bump selfie this week! 
Lots of outtakes on this one...

How far along: 23 weeks 

Baby's size: All my apps say different fruits this week. One says Papaya, one says Grapefruit and another says Mango. Either way, he weighs over a pound now and they say he'll be having a growth spurt in the next few weeks. (Which means I will, too.)

Baby's progress: He's forming nipples and his face is fully formed now! He just needs some fat on his bones pretty much. He's more aware these days and tunes in to sounds outside the womb, like traffic and dogs, but can also hear my voice, music, my blood and my heartbeat. He can also sense movement, like swaying or dancing. I've started to feel him move at more consistent times, based on how I'm sitting or if I've eaten or drank something.

Weight gain: I haven't stepped on the scale lately, but last I checked, I am up 20lbs. Bleh. 

Stretch marks: Still none, thankfully!

Sleep: Still good!

Gender: Still my little man! 
Those toes are getting smaller and smaller...
Movement: Lots of movements that are getting stronger and more frequent! I think you can feel from the outside now, but I can never have Bryan catch little dude kicking at the right moment. I love feeling him move. It's the most indescribable feeling and I often can be found laying in his nursery with my hands on my belly. 

Best moment this week: Bryan painted the nursery while I was on vacation and it's gorgeous. We used Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray and I'm obsessed. We also ordered furniture and I can't wait to start bringing the room together!
Clearly this isn't yet a "nursery" as it still has our 
guest bedroom furniture in it, though we took 
all stuff off the walls. But isn't the paint gorgeous?

Looking forward to: See above. Nursery planning. Shopping for little boy clothes. Baby showers. I'm NOT looking forward to my glucose testing in a couple of weeks! 

Food cravings: Still nothing here...sweets more often, which is not good for the weight gain. Still nothing making me queasy or sick.

Labor signs: Nada, just those pesky Braxton Hicks.

Symptoms: My back hurts something fierce these days. And my bladder consistently feels full. And my belly keeps on growing and growing!

Workouts: My workout schedule seems to be hit or miss. I swam and went on A bikeride on vacation, but other than that...I haven't been. 

What I miss: Not feeling like I have to pee. Having more than a glass of wine on the occasions I choose to indulge. 

Things that suck: Sorry if it's TMI re: bathroom, but honestly? It feels like I have to pee REALLY BAD all of the time, but then I go and it's like...just kidding. Which means this boy is just hanging out on my bladder and making it feel that way instead of actually having to use the facility. I hear this is not getting better anytime soon.

Things that don't suck: Being pregnant generally doesn't suck. I think it gets a bad rep and some have it way worse than others, but for me, I've loved it. I feel so connected to this little man and get more excited to see him every day!


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