Week 20 || Bumpdate

Originally written 8/7/2014
How far along: 20 weeks! 

Baby's size: Baby is the size of a banana from head to toe. About 6.5 inches inches and 10.2 oz!

Baby's progress: Baby F has fully formed taste buds by now, and is gulping down lots of delicious amniotic fluid. Yum? 

Weight gain: Ugh. I had a bit of growth spurt with Baby in the past few weeks, but I'm up 17 lbs. [insert ashamed emoji]

Stretch marks: None yet! Thanks Burt's Bees Mama Bee!

Sleep: No complaints here! I can sleep through the night but am still rising early to go to the bathroom. If I can turn my mind off, I can go back to bed!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Movement: Little man is moving around more and more and I love it! I learned that I have an anterior placenta, which means I might not be able to feel movements as often, but I've felt at least one nearly every day for the past couple of weeks. It continues to be amazing and remind me that I am this little dude's world and he is mine.  

Best moment this week: Finding out that Baby F is a BOY! I still can't believe it, but am so excited to be a "boy mom." Boys love their mamas, and mine will be no different. I love the idea of raising him to be a good, honest man that we are proud of. 

Looking forward to: More milestones! Soon I'll start to feel real kicks instead of flutters and that will be super fun. I'm also looking forward to a more pronounced baby bump as I still don't feel I really have one yet.

Food cravings: Carbs are still my best friend, as is fruit and sugar.

Weirdest food I ate this week: I satisfied a weird craving for a Salted Nut Roll.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor signs: I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions a bit, but it doesn't hurt and doctor says as long as it's not happening more than 4 times and hour, we're OK.

Symptoms: Still feel amazing mostly! My back is starting to hurt more frequently and I've found myself short of breath a little more often as my uterus gets bigger and close to my lungs. Bigger, veinier boobs. Itching belly due to growth.

Workouts: Not this week, due to being busy interviewing, but I will be back next week! My arms are getting chubby. 

What I miss: I'm so happy these days, I don't miss anything about not being pregnant. I love being preggo right now!

Things that suck: Interviewing while pregnant. I really hate not telling prospective employers that I'm expecting, but I just don't trust people to do the right thing anymore. 

Things that don't suck: Being halfway done! Knowing we have a boy on the way and being able to finally start buying clothes and nursery planning!

Here's week 19's photo, even though I forgot a bumpdate: 


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