What I've Been Up To ...

Monday, we meet again. Thought you might be interested in what I've been up to the past week. As I told you, I went home last week to spend some time at home with family while my hubby was out of town. But before we both left, we went out with our good friends, Kate and Matt, to dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant called Big Star.
Don't mind my hot pink bra... 
Check out Kate's blog, Pursuits of a Perfectionista!

In Iowa, I helped my brother-in-law out with my niece, Sloan, since my sister was out of town. I took her to day care every morning, which meant she woke me up every day by crawling out of her crib and coming into my room. You should know that this is not allowed, as she is in a CRIB and could hurt herself. In any case, we spent some QT together in the mornings before day care before I dropped her off and spent the days job searching.
 Sloan wanted to take a selfie before we left. 

Addy is begging for some "nuffins," as Sloan calls them. 
Ridin' in style to daycare.

Some days I had lunch with my dad or my friends. In the afternoons, I'd either pick up Sloan from day care or visit with my new nephew, Tate, and my other niece, Aly. I had family dinners and friend dinners. I saw Sloan at gymnastics. I picked Aly up from daycare. All in all, a great visit!
Little man Tate and his sister, Aly, plus he and I snuggling!

Me and all my favorite little people!

I came home on Thursday morning to prepare for an interview on Friday and also for my in-laws arrival. I spent most of the night on Thursday preparing my portfolio, which needed to be done anyway, but I should have completed it earlier. Regardless, my interview went well on Friday, as did my portfolio presentation, and I feel good about it! Send good vibes my way, as a few things are in the works.

My mother and father-in-law arrived on Friday afternoon. I've said before I lucked out in the in-law department. We get along great and I never dread seeing them or spending time with them, so I was looking forward to the weekend.
Pure Michigan

We went to dinner on Friday night and kept things pretty low key, since we had a big day planned for Saturday. Since we've done most "tourist" things with them in the city, we decided to take a day trip to Michigan for some lunch on Lake Michigan, some shopping and some wine tasting. All of the wineries were playing live music, it was perfect weather and we had a great day!

 Sunday, we just kind of relaxed and did some errands during the day before heading downtown for dinner with Bryan's aunt and uncle, who were in town on a cross-country road trip. They'd never been to Chicago before, so we walked around the river and down Michigan Avenue before getting some dessert at Ghiradelli.

And that brings me to today, where I've been handing some more job search stuff today and recouping from having house guests. Now it's off to the gym before The Bachelorette Men Tell All. Should be interesting...

How was your weekend?


  1. Got in lots of good family time! Good luck with the job search.

  2. I love Chicago! It looks like you had a wonderful time with everyone :)


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