The Bachelorette Part 2: Ain't No Shame, Except When There Is

Finally, after a productive evening of working, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and unpacking from our trip (which we returned from a week ago), I had some time to lie in bed and watch the second episode of Andi's "journey."

Let's just call this episode what it was: A Crock of Shit.

The Eric thing. This episode was supposed to commemorate Eric. Instead, it was all about Andi and ended up making Eric seem like a jerk. The sit-down with Andi and Chris Harrison was downright horrible. No one cares what Andi thinks or how she feels. She knew the guy for 4 weeks, was a bitch to him and is now trying to make herself feel better as a result of her own behavior. Also, she pretty much only talked about how sad she was that she wouldn't get a chance to see him on the reunion. Do I think it sucks that her last conversation with him was what it was? Of course. But if ABC really wanted to celebrate this guy's life, they would have talked to the guys he lived with and spent time with, at the very least. Or, do everyone a favor and not show Eric's conversation with Andi at all. Because now you have people all over the Internet, me included, judging her and ABC.

As if it wasn't sad enough to watch a deceased guy -- who happened to be super cute, super nice, super interesting and super honest -- ABC seriously had THIS be his last episode? I fail to believe that there wasn't any more footage they could have shown of his conversation with Andi or saying goodbye to the guys that they could have shown to have his last scenes be shown in a more appropriate way. Look, obviously you can't change history. He left the show this week and that would have happened no matter what. But to have viewers last image of him to basically be that of an asshole is inaccurate and a dick move. Shame on ABC.

Also, who the hell does Andi think she is? I think we can all remember when she confronted Juan Pablo for being disingenuous and not getting to know her enough. So when Eric calls her out for the same thing, she gets pissed and sends him packing? Actually "calls her out" is not even the right term to use. Dude was just trying to be honest and her reaction was complete defensive and over the top, in my opinion. She even busted out the same phrase “if you say (blank) one more time, I’m going to lose it.”

I don't know. A lot of people think this was handled well and I don't agree, but I also have to remember that this situation is separate from Eric's death. Either way, I think Eric speaking up to Andi was commendable and I'm glad he at least stayed true to himself at the end. It's going to suck even worse when we have to go through it with the rest of the cast when they get news that Eric passed away.

Not much to say about the rest of the episode, but I've got a few things to mention.

-Anyone notice Andi's constant bitch face? Or maybe it's more of a  "who farted?" face. She makes it ALL THE DAMN TIME and it's becoming hard to watch. 

-Dylan looks like Ed Burns. And he's a little weird.

-I still have serious questions about these guys. When they all get to the hotel in Connecticut, their first move is to immediately pile into the bathtub together...DAFUQ?
-Marcus pulls the "I can't believe I'm falling in love with you" already. Don't believe it, Marcus, because you're not.

That's all I got. What were your thoughts on Eric's last episode?

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  1. I am not a fan of Marcus. I think he is so weird. I do agree she seemed pretty crabby that night. Even getting upset with Tasos just because he said they don't thrive in formality. Duh. That is not everyday life and she was offended by that. What is wrong with saying this seems unnatural but I still like you?

    And the whole Eric thing just confused me. I can understand being confused by what he was saying but i felt like it escalated super quickly. I liked Eric and all but he also seemed a little weird with her after the first date so idk


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