How to Plan a 'Little Man' Baby Shower

Today is the first day I can say, "Happy Monday" and mean it. I've had a good day, and it's been awhile since I've had one of those. Today I feel happy, and like maybe, just maybe, things might be working out for us.

Anyway, lately, it seems like everyone I know is knocked up. It must have been a long winter, amiright?

One of said people is one of my best friends, Annie, who is expecting a baby boy this September with her hubby. Annie and Bret live in Nashville and are two of my favorite people. They're going to be amazing parents to Mr. Grady!

Last weekend, Annie flew into Chicago to drive back to Iowa City with my girlfriend Sara and I so that we, along with our other best gals, could host a baby shower for Annie and Baby Boy Alvis.
Don't I have gorgeous friends!?

We decided on a "Little Man" theme, featuring mustaches and bowties. The ideas for this theme are endless and of course, thanks to Pinterest, we got some great ideas for decorations and the like. The seven of us divided and conquered our tasks into small groups for games, menu and decorations. I chose decorations and invitations.

We chose to go with a color palette of green, blue and grey. We bought these invitations from Etsy:

Next, we scoured Pinterest for some fun (and easy) decoration ideas. We decided to make Mason jars with ribbon tied as bows for beverages and to hold utensilsstraws with mustaches to drink with, decorative food labels, cupcake toppers and finally, a banner.

My friend SJ made these fantastic diaper motorcycle cakes!
For centerpieces, we bought books to start Grady's library 
and just did simple Spring flowers!

For our menu, we went with:
Chicken salad croissants & Hummus and veggie on Focaccia 

Bowtie pasta salad 

Fruit, veggies and dips 


Punch & Lemon Water

And finally, for games, we played a rousing game of pregnancy Catch Phrase, where my girlfriends came up with a bunch of words related to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood and we played by the rules of Catch Phrase. So fun, actually! And lastly, we played "Tinkle in the Pot," which was a relay. Everyone had to put a coin in between their legs, run down the room and then drop the coin in the pot. The idea was that little boys can't aim their weiners when potty training :). The coins all went to Grady's Piggy Bank and lots of laughs were had.

And that my friends, is how a successful shower is done! Hope everyone else had a great Monday, too!


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