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Thursday, how did you get here so quickly? I think we have the long weekend to thank for that.

I missed my Bachelorette recap on Monday. We got home from our anniversary trip to Puerto Rico and I immediately sank into the couch and watched the show, but simply couldn't bring myself to open a computer yet. The break from reality was too nice and I wasn't ready to go back yet.

That said - a few comments on Monday's episode. First, I really don't like watching Eric on this show. It makes me really sad to see him knowing his fate, and makes me think too hard about how precious life really is and then the Bachelorette becomes something more than I ever want it to be, which is pure mindless entertainment.

I still can not get into Farmer Chris. Being from Iowa, of course I know people who know people who know people who know Chris, and apparently he is the nicest guy ever. I don't doubt it, but I've never been one to like nice guys.

Lastly, I think Andi was more than a little dramatic regarding drunk guy's behavior at the cocktail party. Are we really going to start playing the "Is he here for the right reasons?" card in week 2? It's the freaking Bachelorette. What else are people going to do but get drunk and party? I didn't like the drunk guy, but am not sure him getting hammered was reason to get rid of him.

In any case, I'm still confident in my final four pick: Chris, Nick V., Josh and Marcus.

Since we've been back, we also celebrated our actual anniversary! We got married on Memorial Day weekend, so it's become a nice tradition for us to take a trip to celebrate. The first year we went to Santa Barbara, last year we went to Savannah and Hilton Head, and this year it was Puerto Rico. (Full recap to come soon.)

Yesterday, May 28, was actual anniversary day. We had plans to do something low-key (we both agreed that we had the best dinner of our lives in Puerto Rico, which couldn't be topped) but ended up just staying home. I had the worst headache of my life that just wouldn't go away, so we were super lame and ate soup (me) and chicken (Bryan) and watched Mad Men before I had to retire at 10pm. There's always next year, and the 50 after that for more elaborate celebrations.

Also yesterday, our first nephew was born! Tate Patrick Roffman was born at 12:35pm, at 5lbs on the nose and 17inches. Tate was born 6 weeks early, so we were all very happy with his great size! He's stable right now in the NICU. His lungs were having a little trouble yesterday, but so far, nothing is going on that they didn't expect. His birth was planned, as my sister-in-law had a high-risk pregnancy, and they are both doing great. I can't wait to meet him this weekend! Please say some prayers for this little man to grow and get strong soon.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Iowa City (shocking, right?). I'm super excited though, because I get to see all of my best friends in one spot as we celebrate my girlfriend Annie, and her sweet baby boy who is coming in September! And I'm always a happy girl when I get to see my best friends and family.

I'll be back next week with my full Bachelorette recap, plus recaps from our fabulous trip!

Have a great weekend!
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Long Hair, Don't Care: The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is back, bitches -- and so am I!

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I've had a lot of personal stuff going on, at work, at home, with my health, etc, all of which have kept me away from the computer, so I apologize. All is good though (can always be worse, right?).

Nevertheless, I can't leave you high and dry during our favorite time(s) of the year.

While we watch the obligatory 30-minute awkward introduction with the walks on the beach and clips of her in "real life," I will say I'm excited about the season. I like Andi, she seems like a chick I'd want to be friends with. I don't think she'll keep people around just for the sake of keeping them around. Can we also talk about how she is only 26 years old?! She looks and acts older...or maybe it's the fact that she's an assistant district attorney and so young?

It also goes without saying that it's so sad about the contestant, Eric Hill, who was killed in a tragic paragliding accident. I'm sure the show has enough integrity to give him a good edit, but from what I've read, it doesn't seem like that would be the case otherwise. I'm sure watching him is go through the motions of being on this show, knowing what his future has in store, is going to be hard to do, no matter how they edit the show. I hope his family gets some closure soon.

Alright, here come the guys. Let's do this!

First impressions getting out of the limo:
1. Marcus - Bad hair, handsome face. He'll get far.
2. Chris - Ew. He has a cartoon face and weird teeth. And he's a farmer from Iowa, so I can make fun of him.
3. JJ - Looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy. And, "love fest?" Panstprenuer? BYE.
4. Marquel - Nice fashion sense and cute - until he opens his mouth.
5. Tasos - Cute intro, seems interesting. Yellow teeth.
6. Cody - Is this Biff from Back to the Future II? Eugh.
7. Steven - He looks like a baby, but I think he's kind of cute.
8. Rudie - I have no words, except maybe DORK. Please send him home.
9. Carl - Seems OK, but mumbles.
10. Jason - Oh my god, that hair. And his teeth? Combined with his cringeworthy pickup line...gotsta go.
11. Nick V. - No impression either way. From Chicago, so...thumbs up?
12. Dylan - More bad hair, but a nice face and by the looks of it, a nice body.
13. Patrick - Another bad set of chompers. Too put together.
14. Emil - "Anal with an m?" You're lucky you're cute.
15. Brett- Meh? Not terrible, not standout.
16. Craig- Is this serious? This guy seems unsure about his sexuality.

17. Ron - Pretty face, boring intro.
18. Bradley - Looks like that actor who stars in Castle. 
19. Josh B. - Too short.
20. Nick S. - Semi-normal, I'll take him at this point.
21. Brian - I don't hate him.
22. Andrew - Also seems confused with his sexuality, maybe he and Craig can get together?
23. Mike - He's losing his hair but he's decided to grow it out, which is unfortunate.
24. Eric - Can't say anything bad about him given the circumstances. Of course he was normal, cute and had a good intro.
25. Josh - Not bad, but I'm wary of former pro athletes. He seems like he'll go far. 

So....I'm less than impressed at this point with all of these guys! Hopefully they have personalities that make them cuter, because only a couple are really cute. She had to have said she likes guys with long hair. So many have terrible, long hair and nice faces, I don't get it. And if they didn't have long hair, they were cute until they opened their mouth.

Cocktail party was pretty...interesting. Some of the guys did make cute gestures to stand out, but unfortunately, no one got drunk and fell in the pool. All the dramatics with Chris Bukowski was more than stupid and ridiculous. First of all, it was horribly scripted. Security? Really? And is it REALLY that big of a deal if ONE more guy comes on? Would it really be BETRAYAL to these 25 dudes you met 5 minutes ago? Please.

Andrew and Patrick talked about each other as though they were more interested in each other than Andi. I'm telling you, more than one of these suitors is not batting for Andi's team. Again, NOTHING wrong with that...just find a different show.

Pretty much, I think she picked all of the douchiest guys she could have. The previews for the season look...not that interesting. I miss The Bachelor, girls are so much easier to make fun of. If anything, maybe someone will tell her "It's OK" and we'll get some fireworks.

OK, so, final four predictions based on tonight:

  1.  Josh M. 
  2. Nick V.
  3. Chris
  4. Marcus
Thoughts on tonight? Are we excited for this season? Who did we like/hate?
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