Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

In true "Rachel" form, I have had three blog drafts in my system from last week waiting to be published, but I forgot. So, the good news is that I'll have more posts this week than my usual Monday jam.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know I did. Bryan and I went back and forth about whether or not to go home this weekend. Due to May being completely booked for the most part, the debate was either to go home this past weekend or go home Mother's Day weekend. Bryan ended up having an event scheduled during the latter, so home we went!

Finally, after months and months of cold and snow, we had beautiful weather this weekend. A little windy to be sure, but I'll take it, especially when it come with 80 degree temperatures!

Friday night we were able to make it home early enough to have dinner with Bryan's parents, my SIL and her fiance (we missed our niece, Aly!). Not too much excitement after that, given that I never have energy on Friday nights. Am I old and boring, or what?

Saturday morning it was up early to squeeze in some playtime with Sloan before heading out with my mom and sisters for my little sister's first dress fitting! I can't believe how amazing her dress already looks on her. I know mine didn't fit that perfectly when it came in from the designer. She's super excited and I'm so excited for her. The next 6 months will fly by.

After that, we checked out Natty's new condo. She has a crazy kitty named Mia that hates my mom for some reason. Keep in mind, my mom has three cats of her own, used to have a pet-sitting business and loves animals, so it's SUPER weird that Mia freaks out when she's around. Watch how mean she is!

We all went to lunch and after that, I took my niece to meet up with my girlfriends and their little ones a park to enjoy the weather. The kids, ranging from 6 months to 2.5, got along great and ran wild for awhile before getting tired and then everyone decided they needed some Goldfish. Ah, kids. Finally, it was home to relax briefly before heading out to dinner to celebrate my sister and BIL's birthdays.

Cruisin' in my mom's new convertible.

 Chillin' on the way to the park.

Gimme 'dem Goldfish!

We went to a new(ish) brewery outside of town that we've been dying to try. I think we picked a bad night though, because they were out of nearly every beer they brewed! They still had others for us to enjoy, but we were a bit disappointed. 

I volunteered to be the DD anyway (Happy birthday, Jess & Klint), so no sweat off my back. After dinner, I dropped the group off at another bar while I went to meet up with my girlfriends for awhile. And then, BED!

On Easter, we were able to have lunch with both mine and Bryan's families at the same venue. I love when we can make that happen. I love that our families get along so well and that everyone is willing to "share" their time with us. It was 12 of us in total and so lovely to all just be together. 

My SIL is about to give birth to our nephew in a few weeks and she just got engaged, plus the birthday celebrations and just life in general - much to be thankful for this Easter. We enjoyed more of the beautiful weather at the downtown playground after brunch before Bryan and I headed home to Chicago in the afternoon.

And that brings me to today! Back in the office, back to the grind, back to reality, all that good stuff. Hoping for a fast week - my mom and her man are coming in town this weekend for a concert and some good ol' fashioned family bonding!

How was everyone else's weekend?

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  1. that sounds like such a fun weekend!!! we had a good weekend as well, although it was a bit quieter!

  2. Sounds like you had a good and busy weekend. That is so funny that the cat hates your mom! haha


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