Dear Mom


I'm always reading stuff on the Internet about Moms. Things we forget to thank our moms for. Raising a kind daughter. All of them are true, and for the most part, are good reminders to be grateful that I have you as a mom.
But instead of sharing one of those articles with you on Facebook, I wanted to take the time to write one to you, and for you. Because I don't tell you enough all that things that every Mom should hear from her child--things that I hope my kids will one day tell me.
I often look back on the past 30 years and cringe when I think of some of the things I put you through. Ways I acted, things I said. But thank God for time and perspective, both of which have taught me that you don't hold those moments against me. Like a good mom, you just waited for me to realize that everything you did for me, every 'no' you gave me and punishment you enforced truly was for my own good. You waited for me to learn to confide in you instead of lie to you. To embrace your friendship and not act like your enemy.
Part of the reason I want to be a mom is because I want my kids to know what it feels like to receive your love. The example of motherhood that you've set is one I want to replicate. In fact, I know that I'll be a good mom because of you. Because I knew what it was and is like to have a mom who loves me unconditionally. Traditions I'll carry on, stories I'll read, and meals I'll make will be because they came from you putting fond memories in my heart.
Your heart is so big. You've always done the best that you could, especially with us. It makes me happy to see you happy. Your laugh is infectious. I love drinking wine with you. I love that you buy trinkets for us just because they make you think of us. I love that you still give me frog stuff because I loved them when I was younger. Your chicken legs make me laugh. You make friends with anyone you meet. I love that you're just "MA" to my best friends. You put others before yourself. You swear too much, but I like that too. Thank you for teaching me to belch, and not to take shit from anyone.
We only get one mom in life. I'm so happy you are mine.
Happiest of birthdays, Mom. I love you!

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