Adults Do Disneyland

Long time, no blog! This time, my excuse is better than my typical “I’m lazy.” No, I just returned from 8 whirlwind days of travel to Orlando, Las Vegas and Madison (as in Wisconsin).

I've got lots to update you on, and since I didn’t do anything this past weekend except sleep (seriously, I got 12+ hours every night of the weekend. It was amazing.), I thought my first blog back should go back to two weekends ago, when we were on the first leg of our trip in Orlando, Florida.

It was one of my girlfriend's 30th birthday celebrations. She and her husband Matt were headed down to stay in his family's vacation home in Orlando and were kind enough to invite a crew of us down there to join them. Our celebration plan? Drinking around the world.

You see, part of Epcot includes a World Showcase featuring 11 countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. The intent is likely for those who haven't seen much of the world, and to share with them the culture and cuisine of different countries.

Unless you're a bunch of well-traveled 30+ year-olds who don't give a shit about culture and find any opportunity to create a drinking game.

Matt created t-shirts for the group, which were pretty amazing. I know I lost track of people more than once and it helped having the shirts. We also had several people ask us where they could buy them, so that means they were not only cool to us.
The "rules" for the day were simple: Everyone has to have at least one drink in every country and we have to ride the rides in every country that has one. I'm happy to report that everyone played by the rules and not only did we go around the world once -- we went back Mexico for a second time.
The group on the ride in Mexico

Some of the drinks on the menu: Margaritas in Mexico, Ginger margaritas in China, prosecco in Italy, sake in Japan, car bombs in the get the picture. 

And if you don't then here are pictures to help provide a visual. Enjoy!
 The birthday girl and me
  The group on the ride in Norway
  Pausing for a photo in Belguim
  Belgium scenery
  The group in America
  Bryan being a weirdo
  Girls in Japan
  The birthday girl and her hubby in Japan

  Fountains in Morocco
  Drinks at a pub in the U.K.
  Drunk in Canada
  Still drunk in Canada
  On our way out
 Last photo of the night. Helloooo drunk eyes!


  1. What an exciting trip! Can't wait to hear what you did in Madison :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I will be there in a few weeks!! Can't wait!

  3. Love this! I would totally do this with my friends.


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