A Revelation on Buzzfeed Quizzes

First things first: Many of you are looking for a recap on the mess that was The Bachelor the other night. In case you missed it, I live-tweeted most of my thoughts, so please refer to my Twitter feed to see what I thought. https://twitter.com/writerrz
In short: Wapalo is an asshole.

Now that that mess is over, we need to talk about something. We've all seen the BuzzFeed quizzes that are the current "thing" du jour. Take quiz, share on Facebook, rinse and repeat. I myself have participated in many a quiz and have come to this conclusion:

The quizzes are bullshit.

First of all, let's talk about the content of the quizzes. When it comes to quizzes like Which Scandal Character Are You? or Which Friday Night Lights Character Are You?, you bet your ass I want to make sure I'm Olivia Pope and Tammy Taylor. Even Which Parks and Rec Character Are You? is of interest, since my co-workers and I all determined who was who in our office (everyone says I'm April).
Quizzes like What City Should You Actually Live In?What State Should You Actually Belong In? or Which European Country Do You Actually Belong In? are also of interest to me, because we travel all the time, and I've lived in the Midwest my whole life and am convinced I don't belong anywhere else.

I've even taken a few that I'm not proud of, such as Which Golden Girl Are You? and Which Celebrity Couple Are You And Your Significant Other? Mainly because based on all of my results so far, I just needed to confirm my theory of bullshit.

But like, which literary couple are you? Which brand of tennis shoe are you? No one needs to know that shit.

I just need to know how picking a Beyonce will help determine which city I should live in. Why does my chosen celebrity chef help identify me to a Golden Girl? And most importantly, why is choosing a muppet important when likening me to a character on Parks & Rec? And what the F does Space Jam have to do with what kind of dream home I belong in?

All of this aside, my gripe is with the results of said quizzes. I don't think I've taken one where I thought, "YES! EXACTLY BUZZFEED!" The only results I chose to share on FB is that Bryan and I were deemed Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, and even that isn't anything to brag about because, hello--THEY BROKE UP!

Here's a peek into the results I've gotten:

Scandal Character: Quinn, and on second/third attempts, Fitz.
Friday Night Lights character: Julie Taylor and on a second attempt, Tyra.
Parks and Rec Character: Jean Ralphio
State I Belong In: Wyoming. (WTF).
City I Should Live In: Los Angeles
European Country: Norway
Golden Girl: Blanche
Dream House: An underwater suite in the Maldives

So...according to this I:
  • Make bad decisions, not afraid of anyone or anything and I make really good jam.
  • Believe in true love, make a lot of mistakes (but learn from them) and have a hard time making friends.
  • Am the life of the party or the death of the party, depending on who's at the party.
  • Have a penchant for enjoying "the little things" in life and don't get swept up in the "hot new drama." I'm also a great person to know, love to "kick it" and might even have a literal fish to fry! 
  • Was made for the sunshine (truth) but the only thing I love more than a fresh-pressed juice is a hot yoga session. (NOPE.)
  • Am reliable, independent and tolerant and hate injustice
  • Am always up for a good time, people are drawn to my fun-loving nature and charm, AND I'm usually the most attractive person in the room. (I mean, can't argue here.)
  • Am really in my element when I'm out of my element.
There you have it, ya'll. Anyone else?


  1. hahaha amen, sister! Those quizzes are ridiculous - entertaining, sure, but ridiculous!

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