Why I Need More Friends

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while. Mostly because I have had many insanely boring weekends as of late. I mean, it's winter, for one thing. For another, I've been cleansing/trying not to drink. And my husband has been gone, which automatically eliminates many activities.

This weekend I realized that I really do need more friends who live here. Wanna know what I did?
Friday night, I worked late and then went to the gym. And because I was bored, I went to the Cicero Target and walked in needing nothing, but spending $180 (hello cute spring clothes!). I came home, ate dinner and had a glass of wine, and was in bed by 11pm.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning the shit out of the condo, doing laundry and other household chores. I went to Francesca's and Old Navy on the hunt for more spring finds. (I came up short at Old Navy, got a couple of cute items from Frans.). And I attempted to go to the gym, but apparently it closes at 6pm, so I went home and vegged out for awhile instead. (Hey, I tried.) That night, I went to play Whirly Ball with some of our friends to celebrate a birthday. What is Whirly Ball, you ask? It's basically a combination of bumper cars and basketball, but you use a whiffle ball. It was a good time, but I cut the night short after that since I am still battling this stupid cold. I am finally starting to feel better though, and think that I might finally be healthy by the end of this week. (Only 3 weeks later...)

Sunday, I had brunch with some girlfriends and then spent yesterday afternoon cooking a pot roast and snuggling with my pup.


I was feeling frustrated on Saturday because last week I started the second phase of my 24-day challenge. Eating-wise, I hadn't changed much. I have added some occasional low-fat dairy back in the mix, but have still pretty much avoided grains. I did have some sugar thanks to my Dad sending me a shit ton of candy for Valentine's Day, and like I said, I have had some alcohol, but nothing excessive. I'm still drinking a ton of water, working out and taking my vitamins, yet - so movement on the scale. :(

My sister (who is also my rep) gave me a good pep talk though and reminded me that even when I don't think I'm having enough alcohol or sugar to make a difference, it does make a difference because it's a shock to my system and my body doesn't know how to process it. And honestly, I said it before but I really do focus so much on numbers. I have felt great. I feel lighter, I feel smaller. I have more energy. I look forward to working out and drinking water has become second nature to me (a huge challenge before). So, this week I'm getting back on the wagon, eating less sugar and focusing more on veggies and protein. It's my last week, so hopefully I'll see some good results on Saturday. Regardless, this has been a journey and I've learned a lot!

Alright ya'll, that's all I got. Off to chastise the ladies of the Bachelor for the next two nights....

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  1. I'm like you and rely WAY too much on the scale to dictate how I feel. I will be feeling good and step on the scale and it doesn't budge (or gasp! goes up) then my entire mood just plummets! I hate how so much of my emotional state sits on that stupid thing! I think it's wonderful that you have your sister to help coach and push you through those moments!


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