This Week On: No One Likes Juan Pablo

Guys, I can't with this show anymore. I am about two disgusting make-out sessions from just reading Reality Steve and calling it a day.

I've been on my death bed since last Thursday and had to miss work yesterday. I was so stir-crazy by the time that 7pm rolled around, I was actually EXCITED to have something to do, like be entertained by the twits on The Bachelor and live blog. But after hearing JP refer to more than one of this chicks as his "special ones" and I was like:

So I shut my Blogger down and actually did work. Did you hear that? I WORKED instead of live blogging because that seemed like a better option than spending time thinking about these twats. So, of course this morning I took to Twitter to see what everyone else was saying and I've complied my favorites to share my thoughts on this week's episode. They're on point.

First up, we arrive in New Zealand and everyone's talking about how excited they are... 

Andi gets a one-on-one. PS I loved her one piece. She rocked it and I don't care what anyone says about that.
Group date: Everyone except Clare and Andi go on the group date. A pretty cool one, too. One that involved huge balls and sheep poop. And the rest of night, we see JP gross kisses EVERYONE. And he sends Cassandra home. ON HER BIRTHDAY!
Sir Sharleen gets the rose. Clare's one-on-one: 
Chris Harrison finally shows up for some man to man time. 
Rose ceremony time and Kat goes home. Womp womp. 

That does it for me kids. I"m not sure what Chelsea is doing here, seems to me he has much more of a connection with the other 4, so methinks my top 4 still stands with Clare, Nikki, Andi and Renee. Still pulling for Andi/Renee over the other two.


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  2. ^^ Ugh I pressed "Publish" too soon :(...

    Hahaha this was so funny! Sometimes other tweeps do such a great job at recapping stuff that I let them do all the talking.

    You had me at Reality Steve b/c that's exactly what I did weeks ago and now I can happily stay away from the show... Well, for a few days, at least, since we now want to watch the remaining eps to see the early "signs" of what he predicted. I may or may not recap this week's episode on my blog (sounds like nothing "interesting" happened in this one :/).

  3. All of this = my thoughts exactly. Those tweets are hilarious, and everything is so spot on. I'm getting pretty tired of watching JP frolic around with everyone while making out and being confused my American euphemisms. It was cute for like 5 minutes and now I just want the hometown dates to come so I have some new people to watch. UGH.

  4. I wish he would get rid of Sharleen already. But I really can't stand Clare. She is ALL over JP all the time. Get a room.

  5. haha omygosh I love all those tweets. I was kinda looking forward to this season because I didn't even finish Des's because I was bored out of my mind but JP just seems to want to make out with everyone and then pretend he doesn't and he is a good wholesome guy but we all know he is loving having this many girls and I'm just not feeling it anymore but I'll continue to watch.

    Sean ruined me, I don't think any season will ever be as good as his.


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