Revelations on the Cleanse - So Far

Hey ya'll, happy Hump Day!

So, this cleanse has been interesting for me. As I told you the other day, I started last Thursday - today is day 7, so I'm in the home stretch! However, the same day I started the cleanse, I got a sore throat. And since then, everything with my health has gone downhill.

I've basically been bedridden with the flu (or a cold, I don't know what the eff it is) since Friday afternoon. No joke, I left the house twice all weekend. Didn't go to work Monday. Tried to go to work on Tuesday and was sent home at noon. (And then on my way home I got into a car accident. I'm fine. Story for another time.) Today I decided not to even attempt it. I probably could have made it, but why push it when I can work from home, ya know?

So the fact that I've been eating really healthy for the past week yet feeling so unhealthy has been challenging. I can't really feel the effects of the cleanse because all of the bad, yucky sick feelings have been overwhelming anything good that is happening. And that has made it hard to keep going, because where's the motivation? Plus I'm trying to cleanse and detox and get rid of the nasty stuff going on inside, while simultaneously shoveling cough drops and cold medicine down my throat. Seems a little counter intuitive, but it's out of my control, ya know? Coupled with this, I haven't had energy to workout. I've forced myself to go the past two days, so I could attempt to sweat out the sickness. It didn't go so well, but something is better than nothing!

So, I have been focusing on what I can control, and that is what goes in my mouth (that's what she said). And I am proud of myself. Regardless of whatever obstacles I've got going on right now (including being sick and the fact that it will be that time of the month when I finish the cleanse...aka, extra water weight and bloat. Could I have picked a worse time to do this?!)....regardless of that, I've been just about perfect on this cleanse.

I've eaten 1200 calories every day. I've had 70+ ounces of water every day. I've stayed away from carbs, sugar, dairy. And I've stayed away from alcohol. Even yesterday, when it was the worst day of my life, and all I wanted was a glass of wine...I stayed away. I have no idea where that willpower came from, but there it was! I haven't had coffee, or any caffeine for that matter. All of my "energy" has come from Spark (which I love by the way). Didn't sneak a sweet potato fry from my husband at dinner last night - at a bar - where I did not order a drink, but a clean salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cranberries, pine nuts and pears. I didn't touch the fried ball of goat cheese that I could have devoured like an apple. My only "cheat" was one night for dinner I couldn't muster strength to cook and all I wanted was Lipton Noodle Soup, so that's what I had. Instead of having the whole box, I only had one bowl and threw the rest out.

I've weighed myself a couple of times and as of now, I'm down about 2 pounds. I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping for more, but I'll take it. I've always been a "by the numbers" kind of gal. What the scale says is how I feel. If I step on feeling light as a feather and the scale reads 3 lbs heavier than I thought, I feel those 3 lbs to the depths of my soul. Maybe the inches will reflect greater progress.

I'm trying to change my mindset and focus on the changes I'm making on the inside, which will hopefully be soon reflected on the outside. And also, I know that if I stay devoted to this plan, making good choices for the most part, exercising, eating the right portions, etc. I WILL see results. I think what's frustrating is that I've seen so many others see such HUGE results so I expect the same, but I know everyone is different.

My sister says to also remember that I don't have as much weight to lose as other people. I think that's true, but I still have a solid 15 lbs I could stand to lose. I'm "obese" for my height, in fact. I know I'm not "fat," but that doesn't mean I don't still have pounds to lose, fat to burn or improvements to make. It's frustrating when I tell people I want to lose weight and their response is that I don't need to. OK, maybe I don't *need* to, but I want to. I may not be 300 lbs overweight or even 50 lbs overweight but that doesn't mean I couldn't get there someday. In fact, I chose to do this because I felt myself making bad choices and I wasn't stopping. Back when I was young (or, before I turned 30), I could put on a couple of pounds, hit the gym and eat light for a week and bounce back. Not anymore. Now I have to work for it. Plus, kids are in our near future, so I'd like to get my body in great shape before bearing a child. Too much to ask?

Overall, I really haven't found the eating too hard to stick to. I haven't even really craved anything that I've been avoided. That's saying A LOT from someone who LOVES candy, cheese and any and every carbohydrate. I will be glad to add some whole grain and dairy back into the mix, though.

Anyway, those are reflections I've got for now. Looking forward to sharing the results of the cleanse phase with you and more updates as I continue on the 24 days!


  1. I've been considering doing this challenge to get ready for my wedding in a few months. Would you mind posting what you've been eating? I would love some suggestions!

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I was smiling the entire time I read this. SERIOUSLY. This is what being healthy is ALL about. Listening to your body, being aware, and making good choice. NOT focusing on numbers. You can tell you are truly so excited about this and ready to make a change. Even though the lbs may not be falling off right now, if you continue this lifestyle (giving yourself a free day once the challenge is over), adding in more exercise once you feel better, you will lose unnecessary fat, and tone up once your body is ready. It doesn't happen over night, in ten days, or in 24....but eventually you will get there! You know it took me 2 years to loose 70, and its taking me even longer to take off some I have put back on. But I too, know I will get there :)

  3. There's a good chance you actually do have some cold/flu junk going on - but in my experience, every time I've done a planned "detox/cleanse" I've gotten a sore throat, runny nose, cough thing - so I talked to some other people, who indicated they'd experienced I talked to my holistic nutritionist who said "totally normal!" Getting sick and breaking out are some of the two most common things that happen when you begin to detox as your body is pushing all that stuff out!

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Trish, a lot of times when you detox you get sick because your body is getting rid of all the grossness.

    Feel better soon though and yay for you doing so good on it


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