10 Days of Sobriety

Hello all, and welcome to tales from my 10 days of sober adventures. Or more commonly known as: the Advocare 24-day Challenge.

On Thursday, I started my challenge, which begins with a 10-day herbal cleanse. When I first approached my sister, who's my distributor, to talk about it, I only wanted to do the cleanse portion, but she encouraged me to try the whole 24 days. If I'm being honest, I was only hesitant about the not-drinking part. Now now, before you call me an alcoholic, you have to understand - I work in the beverage industry, so drinking is part of my job. Not drinking for 10 days, I can do. For a whole month? Tough call. (Yeah yeah, wait til I'm pregnant...BUT I'M NOT!)

In any case, I'm going to attempt the whole challenge on the premise that after these first 10 days, I can add in some of the things I'm omitting right now in moderation, but I just have to be realistic about my results.

So..here I am, just finishing up day 4. I've gotta say it has been a lot easier than I thought! The first day I was a little more hungry than usual and felt a real lack of energy late in the day. But each day has been better than the last.

The worst part has been that I've been sick the entire time. I thought it was strep, but a trip to the Minute Clinic said negative. So, each day since Thursday, I've just gotten sicker and sicker. This is the 4th day and I'm at my worst. My throat still hurts as though nails are scraping the inside of my throat, and my nostrils are either congested or running. To say nothing of the cough that's making my throat 10 times worse.

All this to say it has not been easy to swallow all of my pills or to eat in general, as I've had a lack of appetite. It HAS been easy to drink a TON of water (like 100 oz a day, no exaggerations) and NOT to drink alcohol.

I've been cooking a ton: Taco Salads, Soups, egg muffins, salads. It's been a nice change of pace, though I won't lie -- I had a couple of fleeting thoughts today about really wanting some Lipton Noodle Soup. (Noodles are a no-no.) Instead, I made homemade chicken noodle soup, sans noodles. Tomorrow I'm planning a pot roast in the crock pot, but without potatoes.

As I get further into the week and start feeling a little better, I'm sure things will be more difficult. Especially because the last two days of the cleanse land on Valentine's Day (Friday) and Saturday. Womp womp.

Oh, and a weekend update? I've only left the house twice, to go to the doctor and to get more cold medicine. The rest of the time, I've tried to rest (to no avail. Can't sleep because I can't breathe through my nose, which means I have to mouth breathe, which means my throat dries out instantly, which means I wake up pain. It's awesome.

Hope ya'll had a good one and stayed warm!


  1. you seriously have no idea how proud/happy I am for of/for you for trying this! ...not to mention how seriously you are taking it, just like I said to. The food you are cooking looks and sounds delicious- its fun to experiment! We did a pot roast when I was on the challenge also, sans potatoes but if you have extra veggies on hand like zucchini, onion, peppers, etc we added that in also...just for some extra variety and it turned out really well. I hope your soup turned out well! and like I said- I had a stomach bug on this also- take care of yourself first so if your body is telling you that you NEED that lipton soup, eat it! I did, and it didn't kill me :)
    Keep up your hard work!! and I hope you feel better!!! GO BACK TO THE DR IF YOU ARENT BETTER SOON!
    love you :)

  2. Awww feel better! You're more strict than I am! I am on Day 9 and have had a couple of drinks. Oops. It isn't that hard to eat healthy, though! The best part is that it curbs my appetite - no easy feat!

    I hope you feel better soon! :)


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